Apivita Tonic Thinning Hair Conditioner With Laurel & Honey 150ml

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Apivita Tonic Thinning Hair Conditioner With Laurel & Honey Toning and strengthening conditioner for easier-to-comb, shiny hair with volume. Invigorates and helps hair look stronger and healthier, thanks to Hippophae TC and lupin proteins. Moisturizes and nourishes offering shine and smoothness thanks to laurel, thyme honey and Greek olive oil. Protects from external effects (styling, pollution), prevents breakage and split ends, thanks to APISHIELD HS. Gives hair volume and makes it easy to comb. Does not add weight to hair. Revitalizes both hair and mood due to a special combination of laurel, rosemary, lavender, sage and neroli organic essential oils. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED SUITABLE FOR HOMEOPATHY
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