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Not required
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Therapeutic indications:
For prevention and treatment of motion sickness (air, sea, car sickness) and radiation sickness.
Authorization number:
020 17 20777 00
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3. How should you use this medicine?

If you are uncertain as how this medicine, consult your

doctor or your pharmacist.

Recommended dosage unless otherwise prescribed

by your doctor:

Adults: 0.5-1 tablet, every 4-6 hours and not more of

4 tablets a day )until 400 mg a day).

Children 6-12 years: 0.25-0.5 tablet, every 6-8 hours

and not more of 1.5 tablets a day )until 150 mg a day).

This medicine is usually not intended for children

and infants under the age of 6 years without

consulting a doctor.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Do not chew! Swallow the medicine with a small

amount of water.

The tablet may be halved / crushed. Take the medicine

with a meal.

Do not drink wine or any other alcoholic beverages

while using the medicine.

If you forgot to take the medicine

at the scheduled

time, take the dose as soon as you remember but never

take two doses together. Take the next dose at the

usual time and consult the physician or pharmacist.

To prevent motion sickness, the medicine should be

taken 30 minutes before travelling.

If you have taken an overdose

, or if a child has

accidentally swallowed the medicine, refer immediately

to a doctor or to a hospital emergency room and bring

the medicine package with you.

Do not take medicines in the dark! Check the label and

the dose each time you take a medicine. Wear glasses

if you need them.

If you have any further questions regarding use of

this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist

4. Side Effects:

Like all medicines, use of Travamin tablets may cause

side effects in some users. Do not be alarmed when

reading the list of side effects. You may not experience

any of them.

This medicine may cause: dryness of the mouth, nose or

throat, rash, drowsiness, headache, nausea, abdominal

pain, loss of appetite. These side effects usually disappear

within a short time following the period of adaptation to

the medicine. If these effects continue to be bothersome,

refer to the doctor.

Stop the treatment and refer to the doctor in

the following effects:

Allergic reaction such as rash, scratching, face or

hands swelling, itching or swelling in the mouth or

throat, chest pain, breathing difficulties (rare).

Tinnitus )ringing or buzzing inside the ears),

hypotension, lack of coordination,hyperactivity

)especially in children).

Blurring of vision, painful or difficult urination (rare).

Changes in heart rate )rare).

Tiredness, weakness )rare).

In the event that you experience side effects not

mentioned in this leaflet, or if there is a change in your

general health, consult your doctor immediately.

Side effects and drug interactions in children:

The parents should report to the attending physician

on any side effects and any additional medicine given

to the child!

See above side effects and drug interactions mentioned


If at any time you experience side effects that are

not mentioned in this leaflet or if you feel an adverse

change in your general health, consult your doctor


5. How should the medicine be stored?

Avoid poisoning! This medicine, and all other

medicines, must be stored in a safe place out of the

reach of children and/or infants, to avoid poisoning.

Do not induce vomiting unless explicitly instructed to

do so by a doctor.

Do not use this medicine after the expiry date stated

on the label/carton/bottle. The expiry date refers to

the last day of that month.

Store below 25°C in a dry place.

6. Further information:

In addition of active ingredient )substance) this medicine

contains also:

Microcrystalline cellulose)Avicel PH 102), Starch,

Lactose, Talc, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide )Aerosil 200),

Croscarmellose sodium )Ac-Di-Sol), Magnesium

stearate, Pvp K-30, Ethanol 95%, Color Yellow FDC

No6 Lake 15-18%, Menthol, Vanillin.

What does the medicine look like and what is the

content of the package:

This medicine is commercialized in blister of 10 tablets.

Holder and manufacture:

Rekah Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd.,

30 Hamelacha St. Holon, Israel.

This leaflet was checked and approved it in 05/2013

Registration number of this medicine in drug list of health

ministry: 020-17-20777-00

For simplicity and easier to read, this leaflet is formulated

male language, however, the medicines is intended for

members of both sex.

.ةيحور تابورشم عم ءاودلا لوانت عنم

هلوانت بجيف ددحملا تقولا يف ءاودلا اذه لوانت تيسن اذا نم لكش ياب ا

عم نيتعرج لوانت عنم

ي نكلو ،كركذت روف رشتساو ددحملا تقولا يف ةلبقملا ةعرجلا لوانت .لاكشلاا .يلديصلا وا بيبطلا ةعاس فصن يلاوح ءاودلا لوانت بجي ،رفسلا ضرم يدافتل .رفسلا لبق نم أطخلاب دلو علب اذا وا ةدئاز ةعرج أطخلاب تلوانت اذا رضحاو ىفشتسملا يف ئراوطلل وا بيبطلل ا

روف هجوت ،ءاودلا .كعم ءاودلا ةوبع يف ةعرجلاو ةوبعلا صحفا !ملاظلا يف ةيودا لوانت عنم



ةجاحب تنك اذا تاراظن ي/عض .ءاودلا اهيف لوانتت ةرم لك .اهيلا رشتسا ،ءاودلا لامعتسا صخت ىرخا ةلئسا كيدل ناك اذا .يلديصلا وا بيبطلا :ةيبناج ضارعأ .4 يدؤي دق صارقا نيمابرت مادختسا ،ءاود لك يف لاحلا امك ةمئاق نم رعذلل يعاد لا .نيمدختسملا ضعب ىدل ةيبناج ضارعلا .اهنم ضرع يا نم يناعت لا دق .ةيبناجلا ضارعلاا ،يدلج حفط ،قلحلا وأ فنلأا ،مفلا فافجل ءاودلا اذه ببسي دق .ةيهشلا نادقفو ،نطبلا يف ملاآ ،نايثغ ،عادص ساعن ىلع دوعتلا دعب ةريصق ةرتف للاخ ةداع ضارعلاا هذه يفتخت .كبيبط رشتسا ،ةقياضملا يف ضارعلأا ترمتسا اذإ ،رضحتسملا :ةيلاتلا تلااحلا يف بيبطلل هجوتو جلاعلا نع فقوت

،نيديلا وأ هجولا يف مروت ،ةكحلا ،يدلجلا حفطلا لثم ةيساسح ةبوعص ،ردصلا يف قيض ،قلحلا وأ مفلا يف زخو وأ مروت .)ةردان( سفنتلا يف

طغض ضافخنا ،)نينذلأا يف نينرب وأ نينطلاب ساسحا( نينط - طاشنلا يف طارفلإا( طاشنلا طرفو،قيسنتلا مادعنا ،مدلا .)لافطلأا دنع ةصاخ

.)ةردان( لوبتلا يف ملا وا ةبوعص ،ةيؤرلا شوشت

.)ةردان( بلقلا تابرض لدعم يف رييغت

.)ةردان( فعضلاو بعتلا اذا وا ةرشنلا هذه يف ركذت مل ةيبناج ضارعاب رعشت لاح يا يف

روف بيبطلا ةعجارم كيلع بجيف ماعلا كروعش يف ريغت ثدح :لافطلأا دنع ةيودلأا نيب تلاعافتلاو ةيبناجلا ضارعلأا ودبي يبناج ريثأت لك نع جلاعملا بيبطلا غلابا نيدلاولا ىلع ةقلعتملا تارقفلا ي/عجار .هلوانتي رخآ ءاود يأ نعو لفطلا ىدل ةروكذملا ةيودلأا نيب ةصاخلا تلاعافتلاو ةيبناجلا ضارعلااب .هلاعأ ةرشنلا هذه يف ركذت مل ةيبناج ضارعاب رعشت لاح يا يف ةعجارم كيلع بجيف ماعلا كروعش يف ريغت ثدح اذا وا


روف بيبطلا ؟ءاودلا نزخت فيك .5

يف رخآ ءاود لكو ءاودلا اذه ظفح بجي !ممستلا ي/عنما اذكهو عضرلا وا/و لافطلاا يديا لوانتم نع ا

ديعب قلغم ناكم نم ةحضاو تاميلعت نودب ؤيقتلاب ببستت لا .ممستلا عنمت

exp.( ةيحلاصلا ءاضقنا دعب ءاودلا لامعتسا عنم

ي .بيبطلا رهظ

ي ةيحلاصلا ءاضقنا خيرات /ةوبعلا رهظ ىلع رهاظلا date .)رهشلا سفنل ريخلاا مويلا

.25°C ةرارح ةجرد تحت فاج ناكم يف ءاودلا ظفح بجي :ىرخا تامولعم .6 :ىلع كلذك ءاودلا اذه يوتحي ةلاعفلا ةداملا ىلا ةفاضلااب

Microcrystalline cellulose)Avicel PH 102), Starch,

Lactose, Talc, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide )Aerosil 200),

Croscarmellose sodium )Ac-Di-Sol), Magnesium

stearate, Pvp K-30, Ethanol 95%, Color Yellow FDC

No6 Lake 15-18%, Menthol, Vanillin.

:ةمزحلا ىوتحم وه امو ءاودلا ودبي فيك .صارقأ 10 نم رتسيلب يف ءاودلا اذه قيوست متي :جتنملاو زايتملاا بحاص ،نولوح 30 اخلايماه عراش .ض.م ةيئاودلا ةعانصلل حكير .ليئارسا يف ةحصلا ةرازو ةطساوب تقدوصو ةرشنلا هذه تصح

.2013/5 خيرات :ةحصلا ةرازو يف ةيودلأا ةمئاق يف ءاودلا اذه ليجست مقر


.ركذملا ةغيصب ةرشنلا هذه تبتك ،ةءارقلا ليهستو فيفختلا لجا نم .نيسنجلل صصخم ءاودلا اذه ،كلذ نم مغرلاب




This medicines is sold without a doctor's prescription


Active Ingredient:

Each tablet contains: Dimenhydrinate 100 mg

For the list of inactive ingredient, see the chapter 6

"Further information"

Read the entire leaflet carefully before using this

medicine. This leaflet contains essential information

of this medicine. If you have further questions, refer

to your doctor or pharmacist.

This medicine is intended for adults and children

above 6 years of age. For children less than 6 years

of age consult your doctor.

You should use and swallow the medicine correctly.

For further information consult your pharmacist.

This medicine has been prescribed to treat you. Do

not pass it on to others. It may harm them even if it

seems to you that their medical condition is similar.

1. What is this medicine intended for?

The medication is intended for prevention and

treatment of nausea, vomiting or dizziness of

motion sickness (air, sea, car sickness) or after


Therapeutic group: Antihistaminic.

2. Before using this medicine:

Do not use this medicine:

If you are sensitive to antihistamines or any of

its ingredients.

Do not take this medicine without consulting

a doctor before starting treatment:

If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or


If you have suffered in the past, from impaired function

of the respiratory system )e.g. asthma, chronic

bronchitis or emphysema).

If you are suffering from impaired function of the heart

and/or vascular system )hypertension).

If you are suffering from impaired function of the

eyes )e.g. glaucoma).

If you are suffering from impaired function of the

kidney/urinary tract, the digestive system )e.g. ulcer,

appendicitis, intestinal obstruction).

If you are suffering from impaired function of the

thyroid gland, the prostate gland, difficulty in urinating

as a result of prostate enlargement.

If you are suffering from epileptic seizures,

contractions )spasm).

Do not use this medicine in children under 6 years

of age and infant without consulting your doctor.

Special warning regarding use of the


If you are sensitive to any type of food or medicine,

inform your doctor before commencing treatment with

this medicine. Inform your doctor that you are taking this

medicine before performing a test for skin sensitivity.

Elderly patients are more sensitive to the side effects

of the medicine.

If you are taking or if you have recently taken

other medicines including non-prescription

medicines and dietary supplement, inform

the doctor or pharmacist.

Especially, inform the

doctor or pharmacist if you take:

Drugs affecting the central nervous system )e.g.

Sedatives, hypnotics, drugs for parkinsonism,

epilepsy, strong pains).


Antidepressants MAOI inhibitors.

Anticholinergics )medicines to the contractions and

spasms in the abdomen).

Medicines for cough or cold.

Anti allergic drugs.

Aminoglycoside antibiotics.

Use of this medicine and food:

Do not chew. Swallow the medicine with water, with meal.

Use of this medicine and alcohol:

Do not drink wines or alcoholic beverages during the

course of treatment with the medicine.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:

Do not use the medicine without consulting a physician

prior to beginning treatment if you are pregnant, plan

to become pregnant or breastfeeding.

Driving and using machines:

Do not drive or use machines while using the medicine

until you know how the medicine affects you.





ingredients of the Travamin tablets:

This medicine contains dyes.The medicine may cause

allergic reactions. This medicine contains lactose )all

tablets contains 19.12 mg) and may cause allergic

reaction in lactose allergic people. Consult your doctor

before commencing the treatment.

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