Swan Ganz Continuous Cardiac Output Thermodilution Catheter (CCO) - Catheter, cardiac, balloon, thermal dilution

Country: Australia

Language: English

Source: Department of Health (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

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Edwards Lifesciences Pty Ltd


Class III

Manufactured by:

Edwards Lifesciences LLC One Edwards Way, Irvine, California, 92614 United States Of America

Therapeutic area:

34925 - Catheter, cardiac, balloon, thermal dilution

Therapeutic indications:

The Swan-Ganz Continuous Cardiac Output thermodilution catheter is a flow-direct pulmonary artery catheters designed to enable the monitoring of haemodynamic pressures and to provide continuous cardiac output. It is a balloon tipped catheter that is inserted in a large vein and floated into the pulmonary artery. The catheter includes a proximal injectate port, a venous infusion port, thermal filament and thermistor. The catheter is made from medical grade PVC designed to soften in vivo. The CCO/CEDV thermodilution cathter series is for use in patients who require haemodynamic monitoring. They are intended to be used in combination with clinical pressure monitoring equipment to measure right heart and pulmonary artery pressures, and with a compatible cardiac output computer to continuously measure cardiac output. The catheter is intended to be used by clinicians in a critical care environment for critically ill patients, including paediatric patients.

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