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Active ingredient:
Chrysanthemum sinense,forsythia suspensa,Glycyrrhiza uralensis,Mentha haplocalyx,Morus alba,Phragmites australis,Platycodon grandiflorus,Scutellaria baicalensis,Trichosanthes kirilowii,Vitex rotundifolia
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Herbal International Pty Ltd
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Medicine Listed


Herbal International Pty Ltd

Postal Address

PO Box K623,HAYMARKET, NSW, 2000


ARTG Start Date


Product category




Approval area

Listed Medicines


Colouring agents used in listed medicine for ingestion, other than those listed for export only under section 25 of the Act, shall be only those included in

the list of 'Colourings permitted in medicines for oral use'.

The sponsor shall keep records relating to this listed medicine as are necessary to: (a) Expedite recall if necessary of any batch of the listed medicine,

(b) Identify the manufacturer(s) of each batch of the listed medicine. Where any part of or step in manufacture in Australia of the listed medicine is

sub-contracted to a third party who is not the sponsor, copies of relevant Good Manufacturing Practice agreements relation to such manufacture shall be


The sponsor shall retain records of the distribution of the listed medicine for a period of five years and shall provide the records or copies of the records

to the Complementary Medicines Branch, Therapeutic Goods Administration, upon request.

The sponsor of the listed medicine must not, by any means, intentionally or recklessly advertise the medicine for an indication other than those accepted

in relation to the inclusion of the medicine in the Register.

All reports of adverse reactions or similar experiences associated with the use or administration of the listed medicine shall be notified to the Head, Office

of Product Review, Therapeutic Goods Administration, as soon as practicable after the sponsor of the goods becomes aware of those reports. Sponsors

of listed medicines must retain records of such reports for a period of not less than 18 months from the day the Head, Office of Product Review is notified

of the report or reports.

The sponsor shall not supply the listed medicine after the expiry date of the goods.

Where a listed medicine is distributed overseas as well as in Australia, product recall or any other regulatory action taken in relation to the medicine

outside Australia which has or may have relevance to the quality, safety or efficacy of the goods distributed in Australia, must be notified to the National

Manager Therapeutic Goods Administration, immediately the action or information is known to the sponsor.



Product Type

Single Medicine Product

Effective date


Permitted Indications

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of common colds and flu in/of externally contracted Wind-Heat pattern

during the day in active individuals

Indication Requirements

Product presentation must not imply or refer to serious forms of respiratory disorders/diseases, such as: asthma, pneumonia, COAD, COPD, influenza.

Label statement: If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Label statement: Adults only, OR Not to be used in children under 2 years of age without medical advice.

Standard Indications

No Standard Indications included on Record

Specific Indications


Adults only. OR Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice (or words to that effect).

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner (or words to that effect).

Additional Product information

Pack Size/Poison information

Pack Size

Poison Schedule


1. Formulation 1

Dosage Form


Public Summary

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Route of Administration


Visual Identification

Active Ingredients

Chrysanthemum sinense

9.84 mg

Equivalent: Chrysanthemum sinense (Dry)

34.44 mg

forsythia suspensa

51.64 mg

Equivalent: forsythia suspensa (Dry)

51.64 mg

Glycyrrhiza uralensis

4.59 mg

Equivalent: Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Dry)

20.66 mg

Mentha haplocalyx

2.3 mg

Equivalent: Mentha haplocalyx (Dry)

13.8 mg

Morus alba

17 mg

Equivalent: Morus alba (Dry)

85 mg

Phragmites australis

9.64 mg

Equivalent: Phragmites australis (Dry)

48.2 mg

Platycodon grandiflorus

41.32 mg

Equivalent: Platycodon grandiflorus (Dry)

41.32 mg

Scutellaria baicalensis

8.03 mg

Equivalent: Scutellaria baicalensis (Dry)

24.09 mg

Scutellaria baicalensis

10.33 mg

Equivalent: Scutellaria baicalensis (Dry)

10.33 mg

Trichosanthes kirilowii

17.21 mg

Equivalent: Trichosanthes kirilowii (Dry)

34.42 mg

Vitex rotundifolia

4.43 mg

Equivalent: Vitex rotundifolia (Dry)

31.01 mg

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Public Summary

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Produced at 29.09.2019 at 03:58:24 AEST

This is not an ARTG Certificate document.

The onus is on the reader to verify the current accuracy of the information on the document subsequent to the date shown.

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