METAMUCIL ORANGE SMOOTH psyllium husk powder 535mg/g jar

Country: Australia

Language: English

Source: Department of Health (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

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Active ingredient:

Psyllium Husk Powder, Quantity: 535 mg/g

Available from:

Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd

INN (International Name):

Psyllium Husk Powder

Pharmaceutical form:

Oral Liquid, powder for


Excipient Ingredients: sunset yellow FCF; maltodextrin; aspartame; citric acid; purified water; Flavour

Administration route:


Units in package:

300g 60 110, 1062g 180 doses, 425g X 3 (72 doses X 3), 175g 30 80 183, 673g 114 doses, 200g 40 90, 285g 50 100, 425g X

Prescription type:

Not scheduled. Not considered by committee

Therapeutic indications:

Management of chronic constipation; constipation in irritable bowel syndrome; as adjunctive therapy in diverticular disease; in the bowel management of patients with haemorrhoids; and for constipation during pregnancy, convalescence and senility. New Indication as at 14 April 2002: Diets low in saturated fat and cholestrol that include 7 grams of soluble fibre from psyllium husk, as in Metamucil, may lower cholesterol levels. Reductions in cholesterol may contribute to reducing the risk of heart disease. New Indications 24 June 2008: To restore and maintain regularity. To help lower cholesterol levels.,Metamucil improves your health in 5 ways:,1. Is a daily cleanser for your insides,2. Assists in body's natural toxin removal process due to its cleansing effect,3. Feel lighter,4. Feel more active,5. Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

Product summary:

Visual Identification: Beige powder.; Container Type: Jar/Can; Container Life Time: 3 Years; Container Temperature: Store below 30 degrees Celsius

Authorization status:


Authorization date: