HIRUDOID CREAM heparinoids 3 mg/g cream tube

Country: Australia

Language: English

Source: Department of Health (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

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Active ingredient:

heparinoids, Quantity: 3 mg/g

Available from:

Key Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

INN (International Name):


Pharmaceutical form:



Excipient Ingredients: stearic acid; sodium cetostearyl sulfate; monobasic potassium phosphate; myristyl alcohol; dibasic sodium phosphate heptahydrate; white soft paraffin; methyl hydroxybenzoate; purified water; potassium hydroxide; glycerol; propyl hydroxybenzoate; isopropyl alcohol; thymol; Wool alcohols; cetostearyl alcohol

Administration route:


Units in package:

40g, 5g, 20g, 14g

Prescription type:

Not scheduled. Not considered by committee

Therapeutic indications:

For bruises and swelling, treatment of scars and various inflammatory conditions of the veins requiring medical supervision.

Product summary:

Visual Identification: White to off-white cream; Container Type: Tube; Container Life Time: 5 Years; Container Temperature: Store below 25 degrees Celsius

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Authorization date: