GE Image Diagnost International MammoWorkstation Software

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Healthcare
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
MammoWorkstation is designed to assist radiologists in conducting primary diagnostic interpretation for diagnostic and screening mammography through flexible and interactive manipulation of multimodality softcopy images. MammoWorkstation provides image review, manipulation, analysis, post-processing and printing capabilities that support image management display needs in the medical environment. MammoWorkstation is designed to give easy and economic access to and display of multimodality softcopy images, structured reports, and CAD results through interfaces to various image storage devices using DICOM or similar interface standards. MammoWorkstation supports the creation of structured reports according to the DICOM breast imaging report templates. MammoWorkstation supports teleradiology and teleconferencing providing access to multimodality softcopy images and structured reports in multiple locations within and outside the hospital.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], Device with Measuring Function SINGLE software with version number: V4.6; Models: Reporting - S30351AW/EL, Workflow - S30351AV, Backlight - S30351AC, Premium View - S30351FM, MammoDS - S30351FH, CESM - S30351EJ, IDI Second Edition Keypad - S30351AY
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