Freeway Anti-inflammatory Throat spray

New Zealand - English - Medsafe (Medicines Safety Authority)

Active ingredient:
Benzydamine hydrochloride 1.5 mg/mL
Available from:
iNova Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand) Limited
INN (International Name):
Benzydamine hydrochloride 1.5 mg/mL
1.5 mg/mL
Pharmaceutical form:
Oral spray
Active: Benzydamine hydrochloride 1.5 mg/mL Excipient: Glycerol Hydrochloric acid PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil Levomenthol Methyl hydroxybenzoate Peppermint oil Propylene glycol Purified water Saccharin sodium Sodium bicarbonate
Prescription type:
General sale
Manufactured by:
Centaur Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
Therapeutic indications:
For the relief of painful conditions of the mouth and throat including tonsillitis, sore throat, radiation mucositis, aphthous ulcers, pharyngitis, swelling, redness and inflammatory conditions, post orosurgical and periodontal procedures.
Product summary:
Package - Contents - Shelf Life: Bottle, plastic, HDPE bottle with PP cap + throat adaptor - 30 mL - 24 months from date of manufacture stored below 30°C 7 days opened stored below 30°C
Authorization number:
Authorization date:

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