Delfi PTSii Portable Tourniquet System

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Delfi Medical Innovations Inc.
Therapeutic area:
General & Plastic Surgery
Therapeutic indications:
The Delfi PTSii Portable Tourniquet System is intended to be used by qualified medical professionals to temporarily occlude blood flow in a patient's extremity during surgical procedures on that extremity. Tourniquets are generally used for operations lasting less than 90 minutes. Tourniquets have been found useful in producing a bloodless operation field in surgical procedures involving the extremities including: Reduction of certain fractures, Kirschner wire removal, Tumor and cyst excisions, Knee joint replacements, Arthroscopy of certain joints, Replacement of finger joints, Bone grafts, Amputations, Subcutaneous fasciotomy, Nerve injuries, Tendon repair and Total wrist joint replacement.
Product summary:
Models: PTSii Portable Tourniquet System - 60-1000-101-00
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