Colonic irrigation kit

Country: Australia

Language: English

Source: Department of Health (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

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Bottoms Up Colonics


Class IIa

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Transcendencias Comerciales SL Parque Empresarial Zuatzu C/ Zubiberri 31 / Edificio Urumea Finca 1, Planta Baja Local 1, San Sebastian-Gipuzkoa, 20018 Spain

Therapeutic area:

60903 - Colonic irrigation kit

Therapeutic indications:

A collection of non-sterile devices intended to be used with a colonic lavage unit for the administration of an irrigation solution via the rectum, for the non-surgical irrigation, cleansing, and evacuation of debris from the colon. It includes both an inflow tube (intended to facilitate the ingress of fluid into the colon) and a waste tube (intended to transport fluids and waste matter away from the patient), a colonic irrigation nozzle, and includes additional supportive devices (lubricant). This is a single-use device.

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