Beckman Coulter Access CEA

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Class C IVD
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Beckman Coulter, Inc.
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The Access CEA assay is a paramagnetic particle, chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) levels in human serum using the Access Immunoassay Systems. CEA measured by the Access Immunoassay Systems is used as an aid in the management of cancer patients in whom changing CEA concentrations have been observed.
Product summary:
Models: Access® CEA - 33200, Access® CEA Diluent - 33206, Access® CEA CALIBRATORS - 33205, Access® CEA QC - 33209, Access® Wash Buffer II - A16792, Access® Wash Buffer II - A16793, Access® Substrate - 81906, UniCel Dxi 800 ACCESS Immunoassay Analyzer - 973100, UniCel DxI 600 ACCESS Immunoassay Analyzer - A30260, UniCel DxI 800 ACCESS Immunoassay W/Spot B - A71456, UniCel DxI 800 ACCESS Immunoassay W/Dual Gantry - A71457, UniCel DxI 600 ACCESS Immunoassay W/Spot B - A71460, UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay W/Dual Gantry - A71461, ACCESS 2 IMMUNOASSAY ANALYZER - 81600N, Unicel DxI System Software v5.1 - B47068
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