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Product description:

Meron Plus AC is a radiopaque, chemically curing, resin-modified glass iono-

mer luting cement in easy-to-use application capsules. The characteristics of the

material are easy handling, low solubility in the mouth and high self-adhesion. Each

capsule contains a minimum of 0.14 ml of usable cement.


Luting of

– porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, bridges on hard dental tissue and on cores

rebuilt with amalgam, composites or glass ionomer materials

– metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges

– root posts

– all-ceramic crowns manufactured from silicate ceramic, zirconium dioxide-only or

alumina-only ceramic cores

– orthodontic appliances

Method of Use:

Thoroughly clean and dry enamel, dentine and cavity surfaces. Clean cores before

luting (e.g. pumice, water), thoroughly rinse and dry with a gentle stream of air or

cotton pellets (do not overdry!).

Before application, the capsule has to be activated, mixed and opened.

Activating the application capsule and mixing the material:

Only extract the application capsule from the tubular bag immediately before

use. During activation, the liquid from the plunger must be pressed into the inside

of the capsule as fully as possible. To achieve this, the end of application capsule

where the plunger of liquid protrudes is slowly pressed down onto a hard surface

(e.g. a table) as far as the plunger will move (see fig. 1). The capsule must

only be activated directly before use and loaded immediately into a high-frequency

mixer with approx. 4,000 oscillations per minute. Mix the activated application

capsule for 10 s, remove it from the mixer without delay and insert it in the

holder of an application device (e.g. AC Applicator, see corresponding instructions

for use).


Open the outlet by lifting the cannula until you feel a stop (see fig. 2), and apply the

material within 10 s of the end of mixing by compressing the lever on the applicator

slowly and evenly. The cannula can be aligned as required by turning the whole

application capsule inside the holder. Working time and consistency may be influ-

enced by the respective type of capsule mixer and mixing time.

Luting of restorative pieces:









piece. Then place the restorative piece in situ and let it set under slight pressure.

Any unnecessary waiting times between activation, mixing and application should

be avoided, as the process of curing may impede extraction of the material and

positioning of the restoration.

Meron Plus AC has a working time of approx. 2 min at room temperature and

sets in the mouth in 3 - 5 min. After approx. 4 min the material reaches a gel-like

consistency, making it easy to remove any excess material with the aid of a probe.

Higher temperatures shorten and lower temperatures extend these working times.

Luting of posts:

Apply Meron Plus AC only to the post and then place the post directly into the

root canal. Vibrate the post slightly during placement to avoid trapping air. Do

not apply the cement into the canal with a lentulo since this could increase the

speed of setting.

Information, precautionary measures:

Ensure that the application capsule is mixed immediately after activation.

Avoid contact of Meron Plus AC with eugenol, thymol or other substances

which inhibit the setting of Meron Plus AC. Lute temporary pieces with

eugenol-free temporary cements. Before final luting, completely remove all residues

of varnishes and other substances (e.g. insulating agents) from the dental hard

substance as they may impair adhesion.

Ensure sufficient residual dentine thickness to prevent pulp irritation. If necessary,

protect the pulp or build up the core.

Rinse instruments immediately with cold water before the cement residues have set.

After removal of orthodontic bands, remove cement residues quickly and gently

with an ultrasonic scaler.

Avoid contact of Meron Plus AC with soft tissue.

Meron Plus AC contains polyacrylic acid, peroxide and methacrylates. Meron

Plus AC should not be used in case of known hypersensitivities (allergies) to any

of these ingredients.

In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with much water and contact an eye


Storage instructions and application method:

Store Meron Plus AC in a dry place at temperatures of 15 °C to 23 °C. Only remove

it from the foil immediately before use. Do not use after expiry date.

Our preparations have been developed for use in dentistry. As far as the appli-

cation of the products delivered by us is concerned, our verbal and/or written

information has been given to the best of our knowledge and without obligation.

Our information and/or advice do not relieve you from examining the materials

delivered by us as to their suitability for the intended purposes of application. As the

application of our preparations is beyond our control, the user is fully responsible for

the application. Of course, we guarantee the quality of our preparations in accord-

ance with the existing standards and corresponding to the conditions as stipulated

in our general terms of sale and delivery.

Meron Plus AC

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 9917-2, class 1

Instructions for use

Entspricht DIN EN ISO 9917-2, Klasse 1


Correspond à DIN EN ISO 9917-2, classe 1

Mode d’emploi


Meron Plus AC ist ein röntgenopaker, selbsthärtender, kunststoffmodifizierter Glas-

ionomer Befestigungszement in anwendungsfreundlichen Applikationskapseln. Das

Material zeichnet sich durch leichte Verarbeitbarkeit, geringe Löslichkeit und hohe

Eigenhaftung aus. Die verwendbare Zementmenge pro Kapsel beträgt mindestens

0,14 ml.


Befestigung von

– keramikverblendeten





Amalgam-, Composite- oder Glasionomer-Stumpfaufbauten

– Metall-Inlays, -Onlays, -Kronen und -Brücken

– Wurzelstiften

– Vollkeramik-Kronen aus Silikat-, Zirkoniumdioxid-, Aluminiumoxid-Keramiken

– kieferorthopädischen Vorrichtungen

Art der Anwendung:

Schmelz-, Dentin- sowie Restaurationsinnenflächen gründlich reinigen und

trocknen. Stümpfe vor dem Befestigen reinigen (z. B. Bimsstein, Wasser), gründlich

spülen und mit sanftem Luftstrom oder Watte-Pellets trocknen (nicht übertrocknen!).

Vor dem Applizieren muss die Kapsel aktiviert, gemischt und geöffnet werden.

Aktivieren der Applikationskapsel und Mischen des Materials:

Die Applikationskapsel erst unmittelbar vor der Anwendung aus dem Schlauch-

beutel entnehmen. Beim Aktivieren muss die Flüssigkeit aus dem Flüssigkeits-

kolben möglichst vollständig in das Kapselinnere gedrückt werden. Dazu wird die

Applikationskapsel mit dem Flüssigkeitskolben nach unten langsam auf eine harte

Oberfläche (z. B. Tisch) bis zum Anschlag gedrückt (siehe Abb. 1). Die Kapsel

erst unmittelbar vor Gebrauch aktivieren und sofort in einen Hochfrequenz-

mischer mit ca. 4.000 Schwingungen pro min. einspannen.

Die aktivierte Applikationskapsel 10 s mischen, sofort aus dem Mischer nehmen

und in die Halterung eines Applikators (z. B. AC Applicator, siehe entsprechende

Gebrauchsinformation) einsetzen.


Auslassöffnung durch Anheben der Kanüle bis zum spürbaren Anschlag öffnen

(siehe Abb. 2) und das Material spätestens 10 s nach Mischende durch langsames,

gleichmäßiges Zusammendrücken des Hebels des Applikators applizieren. Durch

Drehen der gesamten Applikationskapsel in der Halterung kann die Kanüle belie-

big ausgerichtet werden. Verarbeitungszeit und Konsistenz können vom jeweiligen

Kapselmischertyp und Mischzeit beeinflusst werden.


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