B. Braun Lyostypt Local Hemostatic Agent

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B. Braun Singapore Pte Ltd
Class D medical device
Manufactured by:
B. Braun Surgical SA
치료 영역:
General & Plastic Surgery
치료 징후:
It is indicated for local hemostasis of capillary bleeding, bleeding from parenchymal organs, oozing hemorrhages and as a supportive measure for other techniques of hemostasis.
제품 요약:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], Gamma sterilisation; Models: LYOSTYPT 5 X 30 CM - 1069306, LYOSTYPT 20 X 30 CM - 1069250, LYOSTYPT 5 X 8 CM - 1069152, LYOSTYPT 10 X 12 CM - 1069209, LYOSTYPT 3 X 5 CM - 1069128
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