Beckman Coulter SYNCHRON Systems Phosphorus (PHS)

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Commercializzato da:
Class B IVD
Prodotto da:
Beckman Coulter Inc
Area terapeutica:
Clinical chemistry
Indicazioni terapeutiche:
PHS reagent, in conjunction with SYNCHRON LX® System(s), UniCel® DxC 600/800 System(s) and SYNCHRON® Systems Multi Calibrator, is intended for the quantitative determination of inorganic phosphorus concentration in human serum, plasma or urine
Dettagli prodotto:
Models: SYNCHRON® Control, Multilevel Assayed - 657365, UniCel DxC 600 PRO, Packaged - A10400, UniCel DxC 600, Packaged - A10405, UniCel DxC 800 PRO, Packaged - A10407, UniCel DxC 800, Packaged - A10411, UniCel DxC 600, Crated - A16737, UniCel DxC 600 PRO, Crated - A16738, UniCel DxC 800, Crated - A16739, UniCel DxC 800 PRO, Crated - A16740, Packaged System - DxC 800 AR - A80377, Crated System - DxC 800 AR - A80378, Synchron® Systems Multi Calibrator - 442600, DxC 600 AR Packaged System - A82112, DxC 600 AR Crated System - A82113, SYNCHRON® Systems Phosphorus (PHS) - A09426, SYNCHRON® Systems Diluent 1 (DIL) - 467826
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