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Not required
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Therapeutic indications:
Aid to the relief of temporary sleep disturbance.
Authorization number:
131 07 30938 01
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Patient Information leaflet Patient Information leaflet - Hebrew


PatiEnt PackagE inSERt in

accoRDancE With thE PhaRmaciStS’

REguLationS (PREPaRationS) – 1986

The medicine is dispensed

without a doctor’s prescription

Sleep aid


Each tablet contains doxylamine succinate

25 mg

*For inactive ingredients in the preparation -

refer to Section 6 in this leaflet.

Read this leaflet carefully in its entirety

before using the medicine. This leaflet

contains concise information about the

medicine. If you have further questions,

refer to the doctor or pharmacist.

The medicine is not intended for children

under 12 years of age. Consult the doctor

for children under this age.

You must swallow it correctly. Consult

the pharmacist if you need additional


If insomnia continues consecutively for

longer than two weeks, stop using the

medicine and consult the doctor. Insomnia

can be a symptom of some other background


1. What iS thE mEDicinE intEnDED


Aid for the relief of temporary sleep


therapeutic group: antihistamines.

2. BEfoRE uSing thE mEDicinE

Do not use the medicine if:

you are sensitive (allergic) to the active

ingredient or any of the other ingredients




Section 6).

you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Special warnings regarding use of the


Before beginning treatment with Sleep

aid, tell the doctor if:

∘ you have or have had breathing

problems such as: asthma, emphysema,

or chronic bronchitis.

∘ you have or have had problems urinating

due to an enlarged prostate.

∘ you are sensitive to any food or


∘ you have or have had impaired function

of the heart and/or blood vessels, eyes

(such as glaucoma), digestive system

(such as an ulcer), thyroid.

if you are taking or have recently taken

other medicines including non-prescription

medicines and nutritional supplements,

tell the doctor or pharmacist. Especially

inform the doctor or pharmacist if you are


medicines from the following groups:

medicines which affect the central

nervous system (such as: sedatives,

epilepsy medication, hypnotics, medicines

for parkinsonism, antiallergics, surgical

anesthetics and narcotic analgesics),

antidepressants, anticholinergics or

medicines with anticholinergic activity

(such as preparations for abdominal

spasms), other anesthetics.

use of the medicine and alcohol


Do not consume alcohol (wine and alcoholic

beverages) during treatment with the


Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The medicine must not be used during

pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Driving and operating machinery

Exercise caution when driving a car,

operating dangerous machinery, and during

any activity that requires alertness, while

using the medicine. This is because using

this medicine may impair alertness.

Children should be cautioned against riding

a bicycle or playing near a road, and the


important information about some of

the ingredients in the medicine

The medicine contains sodium.

Do not use this medicine frequently and

for longer than two consecutive weeks

without consulting the doctor!

take this medicine only before going to


Additional side effects:

Dry mouth, blurred vision.

If a side effect occurs, or if one of the side

effects worsens, or if you suffer from a side

effect not mentioned in the leaflet, consult

with the doctor.

5. hoW ShouLD thE mEDicinE BE


Avoid poisoning! This medicine, and any

other medicine, should be kept in a safe

place out of sight and reach of children

and/or infants in order to avoid poisoning.

Do not induce vomiting unless explicitly

instructed to do so by the doctor.

Do not use the medicine after the expiry

date (exp. date) appearing on the package.

The expiry date refers to the last day of

that month.

Store below 25°C. Store in original


6. fuRthER infoRmation

In addition to the active ingredient, the

medicine also contains: Microcrystalline

Cellulose, Anhydrous Dibasic Calcium

Phosphate, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate

Dihydrate, Sodium Starch Glycolate,

Magnesium Stearate, FD&C blue #1

Aluminium Lake.

Amount of sodium in each tablet:

0.412 mg.

What does the medicine look like and

what are the contents of the package

A light-blue, oval tablet, with a score line

on one side and “L441” engraved on the

other side.

The medicine is supplied in a 16-tablet

blister pack.

Registration holder: Perrigo Israel Agencies

Ltd., 29 Lehi St., Bnei Brak 51200.

Manufacturer: Perrigo, Allegan, Michigan,


This leaflet was checked and approved by

the Ministry of Health in June 2014.

Registration number of the medicine in the

National Drug Registry of the Ministry of

Health: 13-107-30938.

3. hoW






Check with the doctor or pharmacist if you

are uncertain.

The standard dosage for adults and children

from 12 years of age and up is: one half

tablet to one tablet about an half hour before


This medicine is not intended for infants and

children under 12 years of age.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Swallow the medicine with water

take out the tablet by peeling the foil seal

on the corner of the blister, where the

word PEEL is printed. Do not forcefully

push the tablet through the foil seal; this

might break the tablet.

Duration of treatment - Do not take for

more than two consecutive weeks unless

approved by the doctor.

Do not chew; the tablet may be split in


if you accidentally take a higher dosage

If you have taken an overdose, or if a child

has accidentally swallowed the medicine,

refer immediately to a doctor or proceed to

a hospital emergency room, and bring the

package of the medicine with you.

How can you contribute to the success of

the treatment?

Do not take medicines in the dark! Check

the label and the dose each time you take

the medicine. Wear glasses if you need


If you have further questions regarding

use of the medicine, consult the doctor or


4. SiDE EffEctS

As with any medicine, use of Sleep Aid may

cause side effects in some users. Do not be

alarmed by the list of side effects. You may

not suffer from any of them.

Stop treatment and contact the doctor as

soon as possible if you have:

continuous insomnia for longer than two

weeks. Insomnia can be a symptom of

some other serious disease.

fever, sore throat (rare).

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