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Active ingredient:
chlorethephon; mepiquat-chloride
Available from:
Shandong Rainbow International Co., Ltd.
chlorethephon 155 g/litre; mepiquat-chloride 305 g/litre
Authorization number:
Authorization date:


Keep out of reach of children




A growth regulator to improve the resistance of Barley, Ryecorn and Triticale to lodging.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: contains 305 g/litre mepiquat chloride plus 155 g/litre chlorethephon in the form of a soluble concentrate

Registered to: Net Contents: 1 L, 2 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L,


Shandong Rainbow International Co. Ltd,

& 20

Floor, Hanyu Financial Centre

Building A3-4, No. 7000 East Jingshi Road

Jinan, China 250101

NZ Agent:




Po Box 72 275

Papakura 2244

Telephone: (021) 939 728

This product MUST NOT be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to the controls and

conditions of this registration.

This product MUST be under the control of a Qualified Handler.

HSNO classifications: 6.1D (Oral), 6.9B, 8.2C, 8.3A, 9.1C, 9.2B, 9.3B

DANGER: Corrosive to skin. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Causes serious eye damage.

WARNING: This substance is harmful if swallowed or inhaled. May cause damage to kidneys or nervous

system through single or repeated exposure at high doses.

ECOTOXIC: Harmful to aquatic life. May cause long lasting harmful effects to aquatic life. Toxic to the

soil environment. Certain plants may be damaged through uptake of this product. Toxic to terrestrial


SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Avoid contact with skin, eyes and inhalation of spray mist, fumes or vapours.

Wash splashes of concentrate from skin immediately. Do NOT eat, drink or smoke when using this

product. Remove protective clothing and wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water

before meals and after work. Wash protective clothing immediately after use. Store work clothing


APPLICATION: Remove livestock from target area and observe withholding periods. Only use ground-

based application methods. Apply with well-maintained and calibrated equipment. Do NOT store or

use in equipment with aluminium fittings. Do NOT spray over, or allow drift over, surface water such as

ponds, waterways or drains. Do NOT allow spray drift to occur outside the target area. Clean out

application equipment thoroughly after use. Do NOT contaminate water when disposing of equipment

wash waters. Do not apply directly into or onto water.

STORAGE: Store locked up in the original, unopened container in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight

and away from stockfeed or foodstuffs. As a Class 9 Substance with Ecotoxicity Classifications, storage

must be carried out in such a manner as to prevent contamination of waterways. It is recommended that

The New Zealand Standard for the Management of Agrichemicals (NZS8409) is followed. See Safety

Data Sheet for further information.

TRANSPORT: Do NOT carry this product on a passenger service vehicle.

SPILLAGE: Wear appropriate protective clothing and prevent material from entering waterways. Absorb

spills with inert material and place in waste containers. Wash area with water and absorb with further

inert material. Dispose of waste safely (such as to a suitable landfill).

PERSONAL PROTECTION: When mixing or applying, where chemical resistant trousers and coat

buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat, chemical resistant gloves, frame goggles and face


DISPOSAL OF CONTAINER: Triple rinse container and add residue to spray tank. Return empty

container to an AgRecovery collection point for disposal.

DISPSOAL OF PRODUCT: Dispose of product only by using according to the label, or at an approved

landfill. DO NOT burn product.

Do NOT contaminate any water supply with product or used container.


If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. For advice, contact the National

Poisons Centre 0800 POISON (0800 764 766) or a doctor immediately. If swallowed DO NOT induce

vomiting. Rinse mouth. Drink a glass or two of water. Get medical advice. If skin contact occurs, remove

contaminated clothing and wash skin with plenty of water. If concentrate or spray solution enters the eyes

wash out immediately with water for several minutes. Get medical attention if skin or eye contact. If inhaled

move the victim to fresh air immediately. Begin artificial respiration if breathing has stopped. Use mouth to

nose rather than mouth to mouth. Obtain medical attention.


Quicker Plus is a plant growth regulator, which shortens and stiffens straw of barley, ryecorn and triticale.

Quicker Plus is mainly taken up through the green parts of plants. Quicker Plus should only be applied to

vigorously growing crops, which have an adequate supply of nutrient and moisture, and which are free

from any stress prior to and following treatment.

Optimum results are obtained when Quicker Plus is applied during the recommended stages of crop

development. The main effect is to shorten and thicken the stem between the internodes, on those parts

that are undergoing stem elongation at, or following, treatment. Early treatment therefore provides the

greatest protection against basal lodging, and later treatments are more effective at reducing straw and

neck break.

Advantages of treatment:

1) Quicker Plus improves the resistance of vigorous crops to lodging.

2) Yield losses associated with lodging, straw and neck break are reduced.

3) Harvest is made easier.

4) Fertiliser inputs can be aimed at optimum yields, rather than be limited, to avoid lodging.

5) Tall growing, high yielding cultivars may be grown in high fertility areas, where lodging would normally

preclude their use






- Do NOT apply Quicker Plus if rain or frost is expected, nor if the crop is wet.

- Avoid spray drift on to neighbouring crops.

- Do NOT apply Quicker Plus to crops on soils of low fertility, unless fertilizer and moisture are made

available to the crop.

- Do NOT use on crops on light soils that are likely to suffer from moisture stress.

- Do NOT apply Quicker Plus at temperatures above 21ºC.

- Do NOT apply to crops suffering damage or physical stress, e.g. frost, hail or herbicide damage, water

logging, drought or nutrient stress.



Growth Stage






1.0-1.5 litres per

hectare in

approx. 200 litres

of water

Zadoks GS 37-49 Flag

leaf just visible on the

majority of tillers.

Use the higher rate where lodging/straw and

neck break pressure is high. Early

application will give greater lodging control.

Later sprays give better straw and neck

break control.



1.0-1.5 litres per

hectare in

approx. 200 litres

of water.

Zadoks GS 39-49 Flag

leaf ligule just visible to

first awns visible on the

majority of tillers

Use the higher rate on stress free crops,

where lodging/straw and neck break

pressure is high.



1.0 litre per

hectare in

approx. 200 litres

of water.

Zadoks GS 49 first awns

visible on the majority of


To prevent neck break. Use only on healthy

crops. Avoid use on crops with uneven tiller


The addition of a suitable non-ionic surfactant is recommended.


1) Secondary tillering may be pronounced in the wheel tracks where ground spraying equipment is used in the absence of


2) Secondary tillering may be induced by early treatment and this effect will be more noticeable on crops that come under

stress following treatment, or in crops growing on light soils.

3) Quicker Plus may be applied to crops under sown with clovers


Add the required amount of Quicker Plus to the partly filled spray tank with agitation running. Complete

filling the spray tank. Maintain agitation during application.


Quicker Plus is compatible with commonly used fungicides and insecticides. When used in mixture, add

Quicker Plus last to the spray tank and use immediately. DO NOT mix with herbicides.


This formulation is warranted to contain the specified active ingredient within accepted analytical tolerance

when packed. The user bears the risk for damage resulting from factors beyond the manufacturers control.

The manufacturer declines all liability for damage resulting from improper storage or use of the product.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, P9728

See www.foodsafety.govt.nz for registration conditions.

Approved under the HSNO Act 1996, HSR101134

See www.epa.govt.nz for Controls.

Ref No P009728-01

Public Record of Delegate Decision

For granting an application for registration under section 21 of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary

Medicines Act 1997

Product details

Trade name


Ref No



Shandong Rainbow International Co., Ltd.

Application type


Date of Delegate


9 September 2019


Expiry Period

This registration will expire 5 years from the date of this Delegate’s Decision.





Protected CI - New Registration - Non-innovative Trade Name Product

Summary of reasons for the Decision to grant the Application

Chemistry/Manufacturing: Chemistry and manufacturing information conformed to MPI requirements and was

sufficient to confirm the identity and quality of the product.

The product data sheet is complete, accurate and current.

The manufacturer has the appropriate approval. Manufacturing specifications conformed to MPI requirements and

were sufficient to show that the product could be consistently manufactured to those specifications.

Stability trials and data conformed to MPI requirements and were sufficient to assess.

Efficacy, Safety and Residues: It was not necessary to assess Efficacy, Crop Safety and Residues as this

product cross references a currently registered product.

Trade: The product has been assessed in regard to the impact its use may have on trade in primary produce.

Public health: Due to the nature of the product and how it is intended to be used there were no additional public

health matters that needed to be addressed over and above those covered under the Hazardous Substances and

New Organisms Act 1996.

Recommendation to Register

On the basis of the above information, the product as approved, and when imported, manufactured, sold or used

in accordance with the conditions listed below, is not likely to cause unacceptable risks to:

public health

trade in primary produce

animal welfare or

agricultural security.

Ref No P009728-01

In balance, there are sufficient benefits to warrant this product to be registered.

When used in accordance with this approval, the product is not likely to cause residues in primary produce, food

or food-related products that would breach domestic food residue standards.

The assessed label content is adequate to provide sufficient consumer information to allow the product to be used

appropriately and safely and meets labelling requirements.

Delegate’s decision

Being satisfied of the matters above, and under delegated authority pursuant to the Agricultural Compounds and

Veterinary Medicines Act 1997, this application for registration is granted, under section 21(1)(d) under the

conditions as listed on the Register.

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