Multifunction cardiac electrode, adult

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Class IIb
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CareFusion Australia 316 Pty Ltd - Multifunction cardiac electrode, adult

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Medical Device Included Class IIb


CareFusion Australia 316 Pty Ltd

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PO Box 355,SEVEN HILLS, NSW, 2147


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Product category

Medical Device Class IIb



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Medical Devices


- The inclusion of the kind of device in the ARTG is subject to compliance with all conditions placed or imposed on the ARTG entry. Refer Part 4-5,

Division 2 (Conditions) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and Part 5, Division 5.2 (Conditions) of the Therapeutic Goods (Medical Devices) Regulations

2002 for relevant information.

- Breaching conditions of the inclusion related to the device of the kind may lead to suspension or cancellation of the ARTG entry; may be a criminal

offence; and civil penalties may apply.




Leonhard Lang Gmbh

Archenweg 56

, Innsbruck, 6020



1. Multifunction cardiac electrode, adult

Product Type

Single Device Product

Effective date



45806 Multifunction cardiac electrode, adult

Intended purpose

A non-sterile electrical conductor designed to be applied to an adult patient for automatic or manual

defibrillation, external pacing, cardioversion, and electrocardiographic monitoring through transmission of

cardiac bioelectric signals (typically from the thoracic surface) to devices that record/process the signals

and potentially return electrical impulses [e.g., electrocardiograph, electrocardiographic monitor(s),

defibrillator]. It is a disk-like electrode that is affixed to the skin with a special adhesive and a conductive

gel (pre-gelled). It may be made of x-ray translucent materials and may include permanently attached lead

wires. This is a single-use device.

Specific Conditions

No Specific Conditions included on Record

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