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  • Spectron EF Primary 12/14 Taper CoCr Femoral Component - Uncoated femoral stem prosthesis, modular
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  • Class III
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  • Humans
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  • Medical device



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  • Spectron EF Primary 12/14 Taper CoCr Femoral Component - Uncoated femoral stem prosthesis, modular
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  • English

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  • Dept. of Health,Therapeutic Goods Administration - Australia
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  • 220401
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  • 08-10-2017

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Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd - Spectron EF Primary 12/14 Taper CoCr Femoral Component - Uncoated femoral

stem prosthesis, modular

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Medical Device Included Class III


Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd

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PO Box 393, North Ryde, NSW, 1670


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Medical Device Class III



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Medical Devices


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Division 2 (Conditions) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and Part 5, Division 5.2 (Conditions) of the Therapeutic Goods (Medical Devices) Regulations

2002 for relevant information.

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Smith & Nephew Inc Orthopaedic Division

1450 E Brooks Road

Memphis, TN, 38116

United States Of America


1. Spectron EF Primary 12/14 Taper CoCr Femoral Component - Uncoated femoral stem prosthesis, modular

Product Type

Single Device Product

Effective date



34203 Uncoated femoral stem prosthesis, modular

Functional description

A cobalt chrome alloy cemented femoral hip stem which features: a roughened proximal surface which

increases the implant surface area leading to a stronger bond at the implant/cement interface;

a polished circulotrapezoidal neck for increased range of motion of the joint and decreased impingement

and dislocation; 12/14 taper compatibility with 12/14 taper femoral head; and, a rectangular cross section

through the distal portion of the stem for rotational stability.

Intended purpose

A sterile cobalt-chrome femoral component of a total hip system intended to be used with bone cement.

Hip components are indicated for individuals undergoing primary and revision surgery where other

treatments or devices have failed in rehabilitating hips damaged as a result of trauma or noninflammatory

degenerative joint disease (NIDJD) or any of its composite diagnoses of osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis,

traumatic arthritis, slipped capital epiphysis, fused hip, fracture of the pelvis, and diastrophic variant.

Hip components are also indicated for inflammatory degenerative joint disease including rheumatoid

arthritis, arthritis secondary to a variety of diseases and anomalies, and congenital dysplasia; treatments of

nonunion, femoral neck fracture, and trochanteric fractures of the proximal femur with head involvement

that are unmanageable using other techniques; endoprosthesis, femoral osteotomy, or Girdlestone

resection; fracture/dislocation of the hip; and correction of deformity.

Variant information

Size 1H-5H High

Offset Standard and High

Size 1-5 Standard

Length (mm) 115-135

Specific Conditions

No Specific Conditions included on Record

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