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  • Shield, bunion
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  • Shield, bunion
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  • Dept. of Health,Therapeutic Goods Administration - Australia
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  • 220101
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  • 08-10-2017

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Gower Health and Fitness - Shield, bunion

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Medical Device Included Class 1


Gower Health and Fitness

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66 Kildare Street,BENSVILLE, NSW, 2251


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Medical Device Class 1



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Medical Devices


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2002 for relevant information.

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Daiya Industry Co Ltd

1253 Ofuku

Minami - Ku, Okayama, 701-0204



1. Shield, bunion

Product Type

Single Device Product

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13565 Shield, bunion

Intended purpose

GMDN: 18029

Pain and deformation are the result of eversion of the big toe (i.e., it is turned outward) and inversion of the

first metatarsal bone (turned inward). While walking, talipes valgus or duck footedness causes the end of

the first metatarsal bone to become inverted. This causes pressure and friction from the shoes and results

in pain. The function of the big toe while walking is to kick off from the step.

The device "Ultrathin Bunion Corrector" is a soft textile product, and a supporter for mild condition of hallux

valgus. Ultrathin Bunion Corrector makes very slight adjustments to the foot, bringing the big toe closer to

the open position. And by encircling the foot from the top and holding it tight, it helps the sole form an arch.

The arch is another important way to bring the big toe into an open position. This supporter twists the big

toe back in the direction of inversion and at the same time, corrects the direction of the first metatarsal

bone. A hole in the tip of the big toe leads to pressure relief for more wearing comfort.

This bunion supporter uses very thin, breathable, elastic in each direction and anti-slip material is used.

Most of bunion supporters tended to be too thick to wear normal shoes. This new material consists of

0.4mm thickness of bonding "Powernet" and non-woven fabric. It is able to prevent the product from

moving over because the non-woven fabric is anti-skid. The fabric is also stretchable with a comfortable fit.

The high breathability makes it possible to wear for a long time. The product is hard to spot due to the

beige colouring, so that a woman can wear with her bare foot and underneath of a stocking. It is also

possible to wear the product with heels and sandals because of the very thin material.

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