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  • Nature's Way Restore Probiotic 30 Billion
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  • Humans
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  • Allopathic drug



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  • Nature's Way Restore Probiotic 30 Billion
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  • English

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  • Dept. of Health,Therapeutic Goods Administration - Australia
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  • 219390
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  • 08-10-2017

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Nature's Way Restore Probiotic 30 Billion

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Pharmacare Laboratories Pty Ltd

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PO Box 384,MONA VALE, NSW, 1660


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1. Nature's Way Restore Probiotic 30 Billion

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Single Medicine Product

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If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner (or words to that effect).

Drink plenty of water (or words to that effect).

Standard Indications

Specific Indications

Nature's Way Restore 30 Billion Daily Probiotic.

Triple Strength.

- Digestive Balance

- Gas & Bloating

- Digestive Upsets

- Immune Support.

Restore your balance with Nature's Way Restore 30 Billion, a higher potency triple-strength probiotic plus prebiotic ideal for those wanting to help:

- Relieve digestive issues

- Maintain gastro health and regularity

- Restore balance during antibiotic use

- Boost immunity post illness and during travel

- Improve general wellbeing.

Restore 30 Billion is a premium 3-strain probiotic containing a high dose of active, live cultures.

The well-researched strains in Restore 30 Billion help maintain digestive and gastrointestinal health and provide extra relief of symptoms including

bloating, gas and constipation by providing regularity. They also help restore your inner balance during and after antibiotic use. The clinically tested

strain, HOWARU Bifido has been scientifically shown to help strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system during and after periods of illness and

whilst travelling.

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Pack Size

Poison Schedule


1. Formulation 1

Dosage Form

Capsule, hard

Route of Administration


Visual Identification

Active Ingredients

Bifidobacterium lactis

14 billion CFU

Bifidobacterium lactis

2 billion CFU


30 mg

Lactobacillus acidophilus

14 billion CFU

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