Lice treatment solution, natural

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Kellie Crowhurst
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Kellie Crowhurst - Lice treatment solution, natural

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Medical Device Included Class 1


Kellie Crowhurst

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42 Waterview Drive,Bushland Beach, QLD, 4818


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Medical Device Class 1



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Medical Devices


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Division 2 (Conditions) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and Part 5, Division 5.2 (Conditions) of the Therapeutic Goods (Medical Devices) Regulations

2002 for relevant information.

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Kellie Crowhurst

42 Waterview Drive

Bushland Beach, QLD, 4818



1. Lice treatment solution, natural

Product Type

Single Device Product

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58251 Lice treatment solution, natural

Intended purpose

An Anhydrous substance applied topically to the human head hair to eradicate human head lice -

pediculosis humanis capitalis.

It contains natural coating agents of carrier oils high in oleic, linoleic and gamma fatty acids (plant oils) that

terminate through (1) an action of smothering and encapsulating the lice preventing the excretion of water.

(2)active agent against the nervous system inhibiting the acetylycholine esterase by dissolving the waxy

material causing them to dehydrate after treatment, disrupting the hormonal system to break down the

lifecycle of the headlice and eggs.

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