GE Revolution ACT Computed Tomography X-ray system

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class C medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Hangwei Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
Therapeutic area:
Diagnostic Radiology
Therapeutic indications:
The system is intended to be used for head and whole body computed tomography.
Product summary:
Models: Revolution ACT System - B75542DH, Gantry - B75542CC, Table - B73892CA, Operator Console - B75542CD, PDU - B75542CE, Ship Collector - B75542CG, Tech Pub and Software - B75542EL, Up/Down table System kit - B75542GE, LCD Monitor - B75542CM, System Grade Collector - B75542HN, English KYBD KIT-SCB IEC3 - B75542GN, Short Cable - B75542CR, Long cable - B75542CP, CT Desk - B78552CA, Volume Viewer - B7870JA (or B77852CB), Advantage CTC Pro3D EC - B75032AE, AutoBone Xpress - B75042AE (or B78192CB), AVA Xpress - B75022AE (or B78192CB), Ultra Kernel - B77112CB, DentaScan - B7540LS, CT Perfusion 4D Neuro - B75062AE, CT Perfusion 4D Multi-Organ - B75072AE, EnhanceRecon - B75542CS, Neuro Filter Option - B78492AD, Auto Filter and Transfer - B78502AD, ASIR - B75542CT, ASiR+EnhanceRecon - B75542CW, Overlapped Reconstruction - B77012CB, AWE Connection - B77122CB, Connect Pro SW Only - B7500LN (or B77862CB), Exam Split - B7864KH, Smart Plan - B75542HD, Tube Install - B76432CA, Tube Install Flex - B76442CA, Gantry Accessory I_F Kit-IPC Board - B75542DE, Xtream Injector (Class 1 SW & Cables) - B75542CZ, Enhanced Xtream Injector (Class 4 SW & Cables) - B75542DA, Dolly Collector (Gantry) - B73602CA, SVCT16 UPS  ASSY - B75542DD, USB Bar Code Reader H - B71382CA, Arm Support - B70702CA, Patient Band Kit - B76482AA, Straps Auto Traction - B75322CA, Catheter Bag Holder - B75272CB, Table and IV Pole - B75352CA, Long Body Strap - B75382CA, Long Body Strap A - B75282CB, Knee pad - B76572AA, ASIA KYBD KIT-SCB IEC3 - B75542HC, Europe Misc. KYBD KIT-SCB IEC3 - B75542HB
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