GE Logiq e Ultrasound System

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Medical Systems , China Co Ltd
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The LOGIQ e is intended for ultrasound imaging, measurement and analysis of the human body for multiple clinical applications including: Ophthalmic; Fetal/OB; Abdominal (GYN & Urology); Pediatric; Small Organ (breast, testes, thyroid); Neonatal and Adult Cephalic; Cardiac (adult & pediatric); Peripheral Vascular; Musculoskeletal Conventional & Superficial; Transrectal; Transvaginal; Intraoperative (abdominal, thoracic and peripheral); Thoracic/Pleural for motion and fluid detection and imaging guidance of interventional procedures (e.g. Nerve Block; Vascular Access), Transesophageal (for LOGIQ e R7 with software version R9.x.x).
Product summary:
Models: LOGIQ e R6 Console_Generic Version. Software Version R8.0.3 - H48322AB, C1-5-RS - H40462LA, E8C-RS - H40402LN, 8C-RS - H40402LS, L8-18i-RS - H40462LF, 3Sc-RS - H45041DL, 6S-RS - H45021RP, 9L-RS - H40442LL, 12L-RS - H40402LY, L4-12t-RS - H48062AB, L10-22-RS - H48312AH, LOGIQ e DICOM Option - H41652LP, LOGIQ e LOGIQview Option - H41642LK, LOGIQ e CM & AMM/CMM Option - H41652LN, LOGIQ e 3D Option - H41642LH, LOGIQ e Needle Option - H48012LF, LOGIQ e TVI/TVD Option - H48322AK, LOGIQ e Auto IMT Option - H48592LW, LOGIQ e eSmart Trainer Option - H48592LT, LOGIQ e Stress Echo Option - H48602LC, LOGIQ e Color Quantification Option - H48792LH, LOGIQ e Follow Up Option - H48792LG, LOGIQ e High-Res PDI Option - H48322AL, LOGIQ e Ophthalmic Option - H48322AM, Docking Cart - H48312AG, Docking Cart w/ 3 Probe Box - H48312AY, Isolation Cart 110V - H48342AS, Isolation Cart 220V - H48342AT, 3 Probe Box - H48312AK, Extended Life Battery Option - H48312AJ, Printer DCAC Adapter Kits - H48312AP, LOGIQ e Battery Pack - H48312AR, ECG Module (AHA) - H41852LK, ECG Module (IEC) - H41852LL, ECG ASSY w/ Chinese Label - H41852LM, SKD ECG ASSY (for EU and Asia) - H41682LW, LOGIQ e and Vivid e Carrying Case - H41652LC, LOGIQ e and Vivid e Carrying Case (HARD COVER) - H41652LD, LOGIQ e and Vivid e Soft Shoulder Bag - H48292LC, LOGIQ e and Vivid e Protect Film - H48092LL, LOGIQ e Keyboard Film - Blank - H48428AS, LOGIQ e CWD Kit - H48312AM, Footswitch MKF 2-MED USB GP26 - H41642LS, Biopsy Kit for E8C-RS - E8385MJ, Biopsy Kit for E8C-RS, Reusable - H40412LN, Biopsy Kit for 12L-RS - H40432LC, Biopsy Kit for 9L-RS - H4906BK, 12L Transverse Bracket - H48392LL, Infinite 12L Biopsy Kit - H48392LT, Biopsy Kit for 3Sc-RS - H46222LC, Biopsy Kit for C1-5-RS - H40432LE, 4C-RS - H4000SR, LK760-RS - H44901AF, 6Tc-RS - H45551ZE, Le R6 Tall Cart w 3PP - H48352AF, Advanced Isolation Cart (110) - H48352AL, Advanced Isolation Cart (220) - H48352AM, A-Icart Basket Kits - H48352AN, A-Icart Drawer Kits - H48352AP, A-Icart 3-probe Box kits - H48352AR, Biopsy Kit for 4C-RS - E8385NA, LOGIQ e R7 - H48362AA, LOGIQ e - H48502AG
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