GE LOGIQ Diagnostic Ultrasound System(F Series)

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Medical Systems(China) Co., Ltd
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The LOGIQ F SERIES are general purpose ultrasound imaging and analysis systems providing digital acquisition, processing and display capability, clinical applications including: Abdominal, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Small parts, vascular/ Peripheral Vascular, Transcranial, Pediatric Musculoskeletal, Urological, Cardiac, Transvaginal, and Biopsy. Transrectal application is only applicable for LOGIQ F8 Expert / LOGIQ F8 / LOGIQ F6 with software version R2.0.4 and above
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], System; Models: LOGIQ F8_LA/APAC - H48832LD, LOGIQ F6_APAC - H48832LF, LOGIQ F6_Global_4pps - H48832LM, LOGIQ F6_Global_19 LCD - H48832LN, LOGIQ F3_exc CN - H48832LS, LF 4D_HW and SW option for LF6 in EU/EAGM/INDIA/APAC - H48822LE, 4C-RS Convex array probe - H4000SR, L6-12-RS Linear Array probe - H48062AC, 3Sc-RS Phased Array probe - H45041DL, 8C-RS Convex array probe - H40402LS, E8C-RS probe - H40402LN, RAB2-6-RS probe - H48681WR, Biopsy Starter Kit (4C-RS) - E8385NA, Biopsy Starter Kit (L6-12-RS) - H40432LC, Biopsy Starter Kit (3Sc-RS) - H46222LC, Biopsy Starter Kit (RAB2-6-RS) - H48681ML, Needle Guide (E8C-RS) - E8385MJ, E8C Reusabe Guide Attachment - H40412LN, LF Touch Panel option - H48822LA, LOGIQ F Articulation Arm option - H48812LZ, LF 4 probe relay ports option - H48812LM, LOGIQ F 19 inch LCD - H48822LD, LOGIQ F 17 inch LCD - H48822LC, LOGIQ F external Probe holder - H48822LN, 1-Peadl type footswitch ‘Whanam FSU-1000’ - H41882LD, ECG ASSY w/ Chinese Label - H41852LM, AC Power Cord UK - H48092LM, Footswitch MKF 2-MED USB GP26 - H41642LS, USB ECG Module (IEC) - H41852LL, USB ECG Module (AHA) - H41852LK, E8Cs-RS - H48062AF, 6S-RS - H45021RP, L8-18i-RS - H40462LF, BE9Cs-RS - H40482LN, LF R2 4D HW option - H48822AH, LOGIQ F8 - H48792AD, LOGIQ F8 Expert - H48792AE, LOGIQ F6 - H48792AB, LOGIQ F8 EXPERT 4D version - H48792AF, LOGIQ F6 4D version - H48792AC, Sterile Disposable Endocavity Needle Guide Kits (used with GE BE9CS) - E8387M, Non-Sterile Reusable Stainless Steel Endocavity Needle Guide (used with GE BE9CS) - E8387MA
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