GE Healthcare AW Server 3.0

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Hungary KFT
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
AW Server (also known as Advantage Workstation Server) is a medical software system that allows multiple users to remotely access AW applications from compatible computers on a network. The system allows networking, selection, processing and filming of multimodality DICOM images. Both the client and server software are only for use with off the shelf hardware technology that meets defined minimum specifications. The AW Server may be used with a variety of other GE Healthcare software medical devices.
Product summary:
Models: AW Server basic system - 5461518-7, AW Server basic system - 5456965-3, AW Server basic system - 5432400-4, AW Server basic system - 5440273-3, AW Server basic system - 5441078-2, AW Server basic system - 5460034-2, AW Server basic system - 5456929-2, Volume Viewer Apps - 5458494, Volume Viewer - 5453662, Volume Viewer PET - 5445145, Preprocessing Enabler - 5451179, Integrated Registration - 5445146, OncoQuant - 5452005, AutoBone Xpress - 5450398
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