GE EchoPAC PC software

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Vingmed Ultrasound AS
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
EchoPAC PC software is indicated for diagnostic review and analysis of ultrasound images acquired via B, M, Color M modes, Color, Power, Pulsed and CW Doppler modes, Coded Pulse, Harmonic and Real time 3D.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], FAMILY of EchoPAC PC software options and licenses.; Models: EchoPAC PC BT09 SW-Only Trial Assembly - H45551SB, EchoPAC PC BT09 SW-Only Basic Permanent license - H45551SA, EchoPAC PC BT10 SW-Only Trial Assembly - H45561JB, EchoPAC PC BT10 SW-Only Basic Permanent license - H45561HY, EchoPAC PC BT12 SW-Only Trial Assembly - H45561TN, EchoPAC PC BT12 SW-Only Basic Permanent license - H45561TK, EchoPAC PC BT12 Plug-in - H45561TL, 4D Package - H45561TZ, Advanced 4D Package - H45561WA, Advanced QScan Imaging - H45561WB, AFI Package - H45561WD, EchoPAC Share, max. 3 GE clients. - H45561WH, 2D Strain - H45561WF, Auto 2D EF - H45561WG, EchoPAC DICOM Share - H45561WJ, Mitral Valve Assessment - H45561WK, IMT - Intermedia Thickness - H45561WE, 4D LV Volume - H45561WM, 4D RV Volume - H45561WP, Vivid BT12 Raw Data Module - H45561YJ, EchoPac PC BT'09 turnkey software upgrade - H45551PX, EchoPac PC BT’09 software upgrade - H45551SC, EchoPAC PC Turnkey Upgrade from BT'09/BT'11 to BT12 - H45561TP, EchoPAC PC SoftwareOnly Upgrade from BT'09/BT'11 to BT12 - H45561TR, EchoPAC PC Turnkey to Software Only Conversion BT12 - H45561TS, EchoPAC Plug-in BT12 Upgrade from BT'09/BT'11 Turnkey - H45561TW, EchoPAC Plug-in BT12 Upgrade from BT'09/BT'11 Software Only - H45561TX, EchoPAC Plug-in BT12 Upgrade from BT11 Plug-in - H45561TY, External USB hard disk - H45561BL, Stereo Glasses for 3D visualization - H45551MH, Spectacle Casing - H45551MJ, Anacrome 3D glasses - H45551MK, Anacrome 3D glasses Clip-On Flips - H45551ML, EchoPAC SoftwareOnly v201 - H45581BK, 5-PACK EchoPAC Software Only - H45581LE, 10-PACK EchoPAC Software Only - H45581LF, 20-PACK EchoPAC Software Only - H45581LG, 50-PACK EchoPAC Software Only - H45581LK, EchoPAC Plug-in v201 Gen - H45581BN, EchoPAC Plug-in v201 VP - H45581BM, 5-PACK EchoPAC Plug-in VP - H45581MC, 10-PACK EchoPAC Plug-in VP - H45581MD, EchoPAC SWO v201 Start kit - H45581BP, EchoPAC SWO v201 Repl. Kit - H45581BR, EP PI v201 Gen Repl Kit - H45581BS, EP PI v201 VP Repl Kit - H45581BV, EchoPAC BT'09 SWO Software upgrade - H45551 SC, EchoPAC BT13 SWO upgrade from BT'09, BT'11 or BT12 SWO - H45571MW, EchoPAC TK to SWO Conversion BT13 - H45571WR, EP BT13 TK PlugIn conv - H45571WS, EP BT13 SWO PlugIn conv - H45571WT, MVA TT upgrade for v201 - H45581TN, LV TT upgrade for v201 - H45581TP, RV TT upgrade for v201 - H45581TR, Mitral Valve Assessment - H45581LL, 4D LV Volume - H45581LM, 4D RV Volume - H45581LN, DICOM viewer on media - H45581CC
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