GE Discovery NM 750b Nuclear Medicine Imaging System

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Medical Systems Israel, Functional Imaging
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The Discovery NM 750b Gamma Camera is intended to measure and image the distribution of selected single photon emission radioisotopes in the human body to aid in the evaluation of lesions. The resultant images are intended to be reviewed by qualified medical professionals. The Discovery NM 750b Gamma Camera is intended for diagnostic imaging of the breast and other small body parts. The Discovery NM 750b Gamma Camera when used for breast imaging is intended as an adjunct to mammography or other breast imaging modalities (it is not intended for primary screening of the population).
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], System. See Model(s) Info.; Models: D750B DH ACQ SYSTEM - S8000PA, D750B DH INT SYSTEM - S8000PB, D750B DH INT SYSTEM - S0750DH, D750B DH ACQ SSP SYSTEM - S8000PE, D750B DH INT SSP SYSTEM - S8000PZ, D750B GANTRY - H3100SC, D750B DUAL DETECTOR SET - H3100SB, D750B ACQ - H3100SD, D750B ACQ SSP - H3100SH, 17” LCD MILL ACQ Monitor - H2506KK, XELERIS 3 SERVER LICENSE - H3901KK, XFL 1st client - H3900MA, Mobile Acquisition Cart - H3602RK, Hydraulic chair - S30311HT, MBI VIEWER - H3901TJ, Wall Mounted Acquisition Station - H3602RS, UPS, GE VH-3000 - E45151ND, UPS, Powercom ULT 2000-LC - E4502KB, Acquisition 15m cable - H3100SZ, D750B SSP Dongle - 100 - H3100ST, D750B SSP Dongle - 200 - H3100SW, D750B SSPDongle - 500 - H3100SY, X3 FOR MBI + 1 XFL - H3901TH
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