GE Discovery MR750 3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
GE Medical Systems LLC
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The GE Discovery MR750 3.0T System is a whole body magnetic resonance scanner indicated for use as a diagnostic imaging device to produce axial, sagittal, coronal, and oblique images, spectroscopic images, parametric maps, and/or spectra, dynamic images of the structures and organs of the entire body, including, but not limited to, head, neck, TMJ, spine, breast, heart, abdomen, pelvis, joints, prostate, blood vessels, and musculoskeletal regions of the body. Depending on the region of interest being imaged, contrast agents may be used. The images produced by the System reflect the spatial distribution or molecular environment of nuclei exhibiting magnetic resonance. These images when interpreted by a trained physician yield information that may assist in diagnosis.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], System; Models: 16-ch w/In-Room Operator Console - S7500AT, Magnet, gradient, body coil - M7000MB, 16 channel patient table - M7000BS, 16 channel dock, switch collector - M7000ML, preinstallation collector - M7000BM, System cables (short equipment and scan rooms), or - M7000BN, System cables (long eq. room, short scan room), or - M7000BP, System cables (short eq. room, long scan room) - M7000BR, Electronics Collector - M7000BF, MR750 Site Collector - M7000BL, Wide screen LCD monitor - M3335JS, Express Exam SCANTOOLS - M7000CM, BrainStat - M7000EC, Fluoro-Trigger MRA - M3033LZ, 2D FIESTA - M3090KJ, 3D FIESTA - M3090KK, FIESTA-C - M3033MB, 3D FAT SAT FIESTA - M7000CZ, iDrive Pro Plus - M3333TP, Connectpro - M7000FA, TRICKS - M7000CB, Propeller 2.0 - M7000CN, IDEAL - M7000CP, CUBE - M7000CR, COSMIC - M7000CJ, 3D MERGE - M7000CS, Diffusion tensor Imaging - M7000CT, Fibertrak - M7000CW, VIBRANT - M7000EG, FuncTool Fusion - M7000EB, QuickStep - M7000CK, StarMap Acquisition - M3340AE, Precision Breast Array - E8800BB, MODEL-Mayo Clinic BC 10 3.0T - E8800R, HD 6ch Carotid Coil - E8800WC, eCoil Interface Device for GE 3.0T Signa Excite HDx/Signa MR750 - E8801RH, Wide Security Straps - E8802MC, Narrow Security Straps - E8802MD, Operator Console Chair - E8803BE, Positioning Kit - E8823A, Operator Console Table - M1000MW, Oxygen Monitor for MR Room - M1060KM, remote Magnet Rundown Unit - M1060KN, General Purpose Flex Coil, Receive Only - M1385AF, HD Neurovascular Array - M3334TP, 3.0T HD Cardiac Array - M3334TS, HD 8 Ch VIBRANT Breast Array - M3335LA, HD T/R Knee Array - M3335LB, HD 8Ch HiRes Brain Array - M3335LL, 3.0T HD 8CH CTL Array - M3335LM, 3.0T HD 8CH Torso Array - M3335LN, HD T/R Quad Extremity Coil - M3335LP, 3.0T HD Shoulder Array - M3335LR, 8 Channel Wrist Coil - HDx - M3340CA, 8 Channel Foot Ankle Coil - HDx - M3340CB, HD 8ch Shoulder Coil - M3340CC, Curtain Kit - M7000GK, Seismic Anchorage Kit - R4390JA, 3.0T 16 Channel Head Neck Spine (HNS) Coil - M7000AP, 32-ch w/In-Room Operator Console - S7500AW, Magnet, gradient, body coil - M7000MD, 32-ch patient table w/Intellitouch - M7000BT, 32-ch Dock and switch collector - M7000MM, Electronics collector - M7000BH, PROBE-2DCSI - M3333WJ, PROBE-3DCSI - M3333WK, PROBE-PRESS Single Voxel - M3333WG, MR Echo - M7000CA, BREASE - M7000EH, CartiGram T2 Cartilage Mapping - M7000EJ, 32-Ch Head Coil (receive only) - E8800DB, 3.0T 32 Ch Torso Coil - M7000TC, Cardiac anterior coil/cardiac posterior coil - M7000LA, 32-ch w/In-Room Console and High Order Shim - S7500AS, Magnet, gradient, body coil w/HOS - M7000MC, Electronics Collector - M7000BJ, 3.0T receive Only Flex Coil - M0050SS, Discovery MR750 3.0T 32-channel MR System with High Order Shim-EL Platform - S7525EH, MR750 Magnet 32CH iROC High Order Shim - M7001MC, MR750 Magnet 32CH iROC No High Order Shim - M7001MD, iROC - In Room Operator Console: English - M7000DA, Main Disconnect Panel - M7000WL, Preinstallation Collector - M7000WM, MR750 System Cable Configuration A - M7004BN, MR750 System Cable Configuration B - M7004BP, MR750 System Cable Configuration C - M7004BR, Vibroacoustic Damping Kit - M1060MA, Dual Drive MR750 32ch Scan Room - M7005MA, MR750 Dual Drive 32ch High Order Shim System - M7005BJ, MR750 Dual Drive 32ch System - M7005BH, Dual Drive Upgrade Config A - M7005AK, Dual Drive Upgrade Config B - M7005AM, Dual Drive Upgrade Config C - M7005AN, Dual Drive MR750 Fixed Cable A - M7005BN, Dual Drive MR750 Fixed Cable B - M7005BP, Dual Drive MR750 Fixed Cable C - M7005BR, GEN5 32CH ICN HI PERF UPG - M7005HP, GEN5 16CH ICN UPG - M7005HR, 3.0T Hardware Upgrade - M7004ZB, MNS for EcoPower UG - M7005AG, MNS Upgrade MR750 - M7004B, MR Global Operator Console with Z420 Upgrade - M7005AR, Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy Package-8kW Amp - M7004AY, 3.0T Carbon Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy T/R Switch - M3334WF, 3.0T Phosphorous Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy T/R Switch - M3334WG, FMRI Base Hardware - M3335MJ, Brainwave HW Lite Upgrade - M3335MK, 3.0T Small Flex with Interface - P Connector - M7000SM, 16-ch Flex Suite, Premium (contains SM, MD, & LG) - M7000SN, 16-ch Flex Suite, Standard (contains MD & LG) - M7000SP, 3.0T GP Flex Coil Adapter - M7000C, Extremities Positioner Kit, Flex Coils - M7005BA, GE FCP (Flex Coil Positioner) - M7005BE, Discovery 3.0T 32-Channel Body Array – GE - M7000BG, Application Software for Discovery MR750 3.0 T - Software Version DV 25 - 5611178 Rev1, DV 25.1 - M7005SY, MAGiC - M7005DJ
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