GE Datex-Ohmeda Engström Carestation

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class C medical device
Manufactured by:
Datex-Ohmeda, Inc
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
The Engström Carestation (EC) is a critical care ventilator that is flexible and physically adaptable to a variety of work environments. It has an intuitive user interface that is common to many Datex-Ohmeda products. A wide selection of performance options gives the user full control of the system configuration. The Engström Carestation is a complete system featuring patient monitoring, patient ventilation, and the capability of interfacing with central monitoring. The following Engström Carestation options are not available on the Engström Pro: Airway modules, INview ventilation tools (FRC, SpiroDynamics, Lung INview), and Neonatal option.
Product summary:
Models: Engstrom CS - 1505-9000-000, Base English Software option - 1505-8508-000, NIST/BS 1363 - Pneumatic/Electrical Config - 1505-8533-000, FRC INview™ only (Functional Residual Capacity) - M1057849, SpiroDynamics® only - M1057850, SpiroDynamics and FRC Inview - M1057851, Neonatal only - M1057852, Neonatal and FRC Inview - M1079322, Neonatal and SpiroDynamics - M1079323, Neonatal, SpiroDynamics and FRC Inview - M1079324, SIMV-PCVG - M1081424, BiLevel-VG - M1081425, Shelf mount – standard - 1505-8537-000, Trolley – standard - 1505-8538-000, BS 1363 - Trolley with AC outlet - 1505-8544-000, NIST/BS 1363 -Trolley and compressor - 1505-8553-000, NIST/BS 1363 - Trolley – AC outlet/compressor - 1505-8564-000, Module Bay assembly kit - 1505-3849-000, Filter O2 Pipeline Inlet - 1505-8588-000, Filter Air Pipeline Inlet (standard on ventilator) - 1505-8589-000, Patient hose support arm - 1505-3801-000, Support tube - 250mm for patient hose support arm - 1505-3800-000, Nebulizer kit includes: - 1505-3846-000, Nebulizer head with filter cap - AG-AP1000, Nebulizer cable - 1505-5602-000, Plug, Nebulizer tee (5 pcs) - AG-AP1005, Adult tee with plug (5 pcs) - AG-AP1010, Pediatric tee and neonate adapter kit (5 pcs) - AG-AP1015, Pediatric tee with plug (5 pcs) - AG-AP1020, Neonate adapter kit (5 pcs) - AG-AP1025, Filler cap for Nebulizer (5 pcs) - AG-AP1030, Neonatal tee with silicone plug 12mm/12mm (5 pcs) - AG-AP1035, Nebulizer replacement kit, Adult - AG-AP1100, Nebulizer replacement kit, Pediatric - AG-AP1200, Exhalation valve kit with flow sensor - 1505-3848-000, Exhalation valve kit without flow sensor - 1505-8568-000, Expiratory flow sensor - 1505-3231-000, DISS, (H-I-T) probe, O2 hose assembly - 1505-3855-000, DISS, (H-I-T) probe, Air hose assembly - 1505-3856-000, DISS, Diamond probe, O2 hose assembly - 1505-3857-000, DISS, Diamond probe, Air hose assembly - 1505-3858-000, DISS, NCG probe, O2 hose assembly - 1505-3859-000, DISS, NCG probe, Air hose assembly - 1505-3860-000, DISS Puritan probe O2 hose assembly - 1505-3861-000, DISS Puritan probe Air hose assembly - 1505-3862-000, Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) - M1145961, Eview Data Capture Accessory - M1139205, Enhanced Serial Port - M1057953, Engstrom Exhalation Valve Heater (Option) - M1200693, Engstrom Exhalation Valve Heater Cable (Option) - M1188723, Kit, Touchscreen Complete Display - M1210177, 7.X Software Upgrade Service Card - M1207636-S
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