GE 9100c NXT Anesthesia Machine

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Class C medical device
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GE Medical Systems , China Co Ltd
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The 9100c NXT anesthesia system is a compact, integrated, and intuitive anesthesia delivery system. The 9100c NXT anesthesia system is intended to be used in an indoor operating room environment such as a hospital operating theater, surgery center operating room, procedure room requiring anesthesia delivery, or induction room. The 9100c NXT anesthesia system is not suitable for use in an MRI environment. The 9100c NXT anesthesia system must only be operated by a medical personnel authorized and trained to use this product. The 9100c NXT anesthesia system provides general inhalation anesthesia and ventilator support for broad range of patients requiring minimal tidal volume of 20 ml in Volume Control Ventilation while monitoring volumes as low as 5 ml in Pressure Control Ventilation and displaying various patient parameters. The 9100c NXT anesthesia system can be operated continuously.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], As listing integral components comprises the 9100c NXT Anesthesia Machine system exceeds the allowed length of this field, please refer to section "System Components" in IFU provided for details.; Models: 9100c NXT - M9100175, Tec 7 Halothane 5%, Easy-fil vaporizer - 1175-9001-000, Tec 7 Isoflurane 5%, Easy-fil vaporizer - 1175-9101-000, Tec 7 Sevoflurane 8%, Easy-fil vaporizers - 1175-9301-000, Tec 7 Sevoflurane 8%, Quik-fil vaporizers - 1175-9341-000, Halothane bottle adapter - 1100-3026-000, Isoflurane bottle adapter - 1100-3025-000, Sevoflurane bottle adapter - 1100-3028-000, ABC Start Up Kit , adult, disposable - M1210695, ABC Start Up Kit, adult, reusable - M1194681, O2 sensor with O-ring, qty 1 - M-10
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