Gambro Ultra Prime Line

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Gambro Dasco S.p.A.
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
The Ultra Prime Line is a single use sterile medical device intended to be connected to proper ArtiSet blood tubing system used on Artis/Evosys Physio dialysis machines. The accessory Ultra Prime Line allows to perform priming, bolus and rinseback in Hemodialysis treatments with infusion fluid on-line produced by the dialysis machine and filtered by a single use sterilizing membrane.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], Ultra Prime Line is sterilized by beta irradiation cycle at MEDISCAN GmbH & Co KG – Bad Haller Strasse 34, 4550 Kremsmunster Austria.; Models: Gambro Ultra Prime Line - 115282, Gambro Ultra Prime Line - 955490
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