FAN FANhp (FANci4) 1312CO2 Breath Test Analyzer

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B IVD
Manufactured by:
Fischer ANalysen Instrumente GmbH
Therapeutic area:
Gastroenterology & Urology
Therapeutic indications:
The intended use of the analyzer is the non-invasive proof of an infection with Helicobacter pylori. This is done by measuring the change of the 13C/12C ratio in the CO2 of the exhaled air after intake of urea enriched with the stable isotope 13C.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], Breath Test Analyzer with test gas control and accessories.; Models: Stand-up breath test bag 0.3 l - F302-SO-01, Breath Bag 0.3l - F201-VP-05a, Double Breath Bag for Helicobacter pylori test - F201-VP-05b, Breath bag 150x300 mm - F201-VP-05c, PP-straw - F201-VP-06a, Breathing mask small - F201-VP-08, Breathing mask medium - F201-VP-09, Breathing mask large - F201-VP-10, PP-mouthpiece - F201-VP-11, High sample & Zero Sample for DOB Test (bag mode) - DOB-B-01, FANhp (FANci4) - FANhp
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