Elekta Neuromag TRIUX

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Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Elekta Oy
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The Elekta Neuromag Triux is intended for use as a magnetoencephalographic (MEG) device which non-invasively detects and displays biomagnetic signals produced by electrically active nerve tissue in the brain. When interpreted by a trained clinician, the data enhances the diagnostic capability by providing useful information about the location relative to brain anatomy of active nerve tissue responsible for critical brain functions.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], System or Procedure Pack; Models: Elekta Neuromag TRIUX® - NM23900N, Elekta Neuromag® Standalone Helium Liquefier Interface - NM24826N, Elekta Neuromag® TRIUX - NM25000N
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