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To stimulate respiration during and after general anaesthesia in dogs, cats and horses.
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Physician’s Prescribing Information

DOPRAM-V Veterinary

solution for injection ;For Veterinary Use Only


Multi-dose vials containing 20 ml. Each 1 mLcontains: Doxapramhydrochloride 20

mg. It also contains Benzyl alcohol (as preservative) and Water for injections.

Indication and uses:

For dogs, cats and horses:To stimulate respiration during and after general


To speed awakening and return of reflexes after anesthesia, when this is considered


For neonate dogs and cats:To initiate respiration during and after following dystocia

or cesarean section. To stimulate respiration following dystocia or cesarean section.

Dosage and administration:

To ensure adequate dosing, an insulin-type syringe must be used for administration to

low bodyweight animals.

Post-anaesthetic use: For intravenous use only.

Dogs and cats:Following intravenous anaesthesia 2-5 mg/kg (0.1-0.25 mL/kg)

depending on response. Following inhalation anaesthesia 1-2 mg/kg (0.05-0.1 mL/kg)

depending on response.

Dosage should be adjusted for depth of anaesthesia and degree of respiratory

depression. Dosage can be repeated in 15 to 20 minutes if necessary.

Horses:Following intravenous or inhalation anaesthesia 0.5-1.0 mg/kg (2.5-5.0 mL/

100 kg) depending on response.

Dosage should be adjusted for depth of anaesthesia and degree of respiratory


Neonate Use:For intravenous, or subcutaneous injection and for topical sublingual


Puppies:1-5 mg(0.05-0.25 mL) depending on size of neonate and degree of

respiratory depression.

Kittens:1-2 mg(0.05-0.1 mL) depending on size of neonate and degree of respiratory


The action of Dopram-V is rapid, usually beginning in a few seconds. The duration

and intensity of response depends upon the dose, the condition of the animal and the

time the drug is administered., and depth of anaesthesia. Repeated doses should not be

given until the effects of the first dose have passed, and the condition of the patient

requires it.


Dopram-V is contra-indicated for use in food producing animals.

Not for use in horses intended for slaughter for human consumption.


Warnings and precaution:

Dosage of Dopram-V should be adjusted to meet the requirements of the situation.

Adequate, but not excessive doses should be used. A patent air passageway is

essential. Reflexes should be checked periodically.

Excessive doses may produce hyperventilation which may be followed by reduced

carbon dioxide tension in the blood, cerebral vasoconstriction, hypoxia, and possible

brain damage.

Excessive doses administered to animals, during or following anaesthesia

cyclopropane or halogenated hydrocarbon anaesthetics may precipitate cardiac


Dopram-V should be used with extreme caution in dogs which have been sedated

with morphine. Administration of Dopram-V at a dose of 10 mg/kg to such animals

may be followed by convulsions.

For animal treatment only. Keep out of reach of children.

Pharmaceutical precautions:

Following withdrawal of the first dose, use the product within 28 days. Discard

unused material.

Dopram-V is incompatible with alkaline solutions such as aminophylline, frusemide,

and thiopentone.

Store below 25 °C. Do not freeze. Protect fromlight.

Legal category:Veterinary Prescription Only Medicine (Veterinary POM).

Package quantities:20 mLmulti-dose vial,

Further information:

Dopram-V has been used extensively in the treatment of exotic animal species. Doses

of 1 mg/kg have been used; the dose being adjusted according to response and the

overall condition of the animal. It has been found to be of particular use in the

treatment of respiratory failure associatedwith lung-worminfestation in pinnipeds,

respiratory dippression produced by barbiturate poisoning in felines and in the

anaesthetic management of the giraffe.

Israeli Drug License Number: 08077.92188

Manufacturer:Elkin Sinn Inc, NJ, USA for FORT DODGE Laboratories, Inc., Iowa,

USA (Division of American HomeProducts Corporation).

Importer and Agent:A. Veterinary Supply Ltd., 10 Lishansky st., Rishon Lezion

75650, Tel: 03-9414032

Last revised: 26/08/2001

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