Diagst blood rare sera phenotyping test kit (Cw (RH8) Jka (JK1) Jkb (JK2) Lea (LE1) Leb (LE2) M (MNS1) N (MNS2) P1)

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Labotech Pte Ltd
Class D IVD
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Therapeutic indications:
Intended for the analysis of human biological specimens. They are used in the phenotyping of human red blood cells. The reagents are designed to determine the presence of antigens Cw (RH8), Jka (JK1), Jkb (JK2), Lea (LE1), Leb (LE2), M (MNS1), N (MNS2) and P1 on the surface of red blood cells.
Product summary:
Models: Anti-Cw (RH8) - 78013, Anti-P1 - 78011, Anti-M (MNS1) - 78005, Anti-N (MNS2) - 78006, Anti-Lea (LE1) - 78009, Anti-Leb (LE2) - 78010, Anti-Jka (JK1) - 78003, Anti-Jkb (JK2) - 78004, NEG CONTROL (for monoclonal reagents) - 79000, PALERM - 69015
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