DePuy Mitek COR System

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Class B medical device
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DePuy Mitek
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Therapeutic indications:
The COR System is designed to arthroscopically harvest osteochondral grafts from a donor site and transplant them to a defect site.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], Cor Standard Cutters are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide. The remaining instruments are non-sterile and reusable.; Models: COR™ Standard Cutter, 4mm (8mm Depth) - 252101, COR™ Standard Cutter, 6mm (8mm Depth) - 252102, COR™ Standard Cutter, 8mm (8mm Depth) - 252103, Mitek COR™ Universal Bone Tamp - 252302, Mitek COR™ Arthroscopic Bone Tamp - 252303, Mitek COR™ Spacer - 252304, Mitek COR™ Harvester, 4mm - 252305, Mitek COR™ Delivery Guide, 4mm - 252306, Mitek COR™ Plunger 4mm, 5-25mm (+ 10%) - 252307, Mitek COR™ Drill Bit 8mm Depth, 4mm Diameter - 252309, Mitek COR™ Harvester, 6mm - 252311, Mitek COR™ Delivery Guide, 6mm - 252312, Mitek COR™ Plunger 6mm, 5-25mm (+ 10%) - 252313, Mitek COR™ Drill Bit 8mm Depth, 6mm Diameter - 252315, Mitek COR™ Harvester, 8mm - 252317, Mitek COR™ Delivery Guide, 8mm - 252318, Mitek COR™ Plunger 8mm, 5-25mm (+ 10%) - 252319, Mitek COR™ Drill Bit 8mm Depth, 8mm Diameter - 252321
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