Custom Biogenic Systems Cryopreservation Storage Systems

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Scimed (Asia) Pte Ltd
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
A mains electricity (AC-powered) laboratory appliance designed for extended cell/tissue (e.g., ovum, embryo, bone, cornea) storage, at temperatures below the point when most all biological activity ceases, using liquid nitrogen (LN2) as the cooling and storage agent.
Product summary:
Models: CBS Standard - S-90, CBS Standard - S-1500, CBS Standard - S-1500AB, CBS Standard - S-3000, CBS Standard - S-3000AB, CBS Standard - S-3000ABEH, CBS Standard - S-5000, CBS Standard - S-5000AB, CBS Standard - S-90AB, CBS Standard - S-5000EH, CBS Standard - S-5000ABEH, CBS Isothermal - V-1500AB, CBS Isothermal - V-3000AB, CBS Isothermal - V-3000ABEH, CBS Isothermal - V-5000AB, CBS Isothermal - V-5000ABEH, CBS Isothermal Carousel - V-3000AB/C, CBS Isothermal Carousel - V-3000ABEH/C, CBS Isothermal Carousel - V-5000AB/C, CBS Isothermal Carousel - V-5000ABEH/C, CBS EcoVapor - EV10, CBS EcoVapor - EV20, CBS EcoVapor - EV24, CBS EcoVapor - EV27, CBS EcoVapor - EV36, CBS EcoVapor - EV47
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