Covidien DAR Secretion Remover for Endotracheal Tube and Tracheostomy Tube

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Covidien llc
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
It is indicated for the blockage removal of tracheal and tracheostomy tubes in cases where the normal suctioning is not sufficient to remove the tenacious secretions adhering to the tube internal wall. The device is intended to be used on tracheal or tracheostomy tubes having an internal diameter from 6 to 9.5mm. Routine use of the device prevents the formation of crusted secretions and avoids gradual lumen reduction.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], sterile method: ETO; Models: Secretion Remover for Endotracheal Tube - 111/1115, Secretion Remover for Tracheostomy Tube - 111/1118
Authorization number:
Authorization date:

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