ConMed Linvatec Paladin Suture Anchor with Disposable Driver

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Class D medical device
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ConMed Linvatec
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Therapeutic indications:
The ConMed Linvatec Paladin Suture Anchor is a bioabsorbable device indicated for use in either arthroscopic or open surgical procedures to reattach soft tissue to bone. After the suture is anchored to the bone, it may be used to reattach soft tissue, such as ligaments, tendons, or joint capsules, to the bone. The suture anchor system thereby stabilizes the damaged soft tissue, in conjunction with appropriate postoperative immobilization, throughout the healing period.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], [Sterile Medical Device], System or Procedure Pack; Sterile Medical Device; Resorbable suture anchor; Models: 5MM BIO PALADIN DOUBLE LOADED - C5070H, 6.5MM PALADIN DOUBLE LOADED - C6570H, 5MM PALADIN TAP - C5075, 6.5MM PALADIN TAP - C6575, Shuttle Relay Suture Passer2 (10 per box, sterile) - C6004, SUTURE HOOK 45 DEG RIGHT DISPOSABLE 5 EA - C6380, SUTURE HOOK 45 DEG LEFT DISPOSABLE 5 EA - C6381, SUTURE HOOK 60 DEG RIGHT DISPOSABLE 5 EA - C6382, SUTURE HOOK 60 DEG LEFT DISPOSABLE 5 EA - C6383, SUTURE HOOK STRAIGHT DISPOSABLE 5 EA - C6384, SUTURE HOOK CRESCENT SMALL DISP 5 EA - C6385, SUTURE HOOK CRESCENT MEDIUM DISP 5 EA - C6386, SUTURE HOOK CRESCENT LARGE DISP 5 EA - C6387, SPECTRUM MVP MED CRES DISPOSABLE 3 EA - C6400, EXTENDED LENGTH MVP MED CRES DISP 3EA - C6400EL, SPECTRUM MVP 45 DEG RIGHT DISPOSABLE 3EA - C6410, EXTENDED LENGTH MVP 45 DEG RIGHT DIS 3EA - C6410EL, SPECTRUM MVP 45 DEG LEFT DISPOSABLE 3 EA - C6420, EXTENDED LENGTH MVP 45 DEG LEFT DIS 3 EA - C6420EL, Dry-Doc® Cannula, 8.0mm x 75mm, red - C7367, Dry-Doc Cannula, 8.0mm x 85mm, yellow - C7368, HI-FI SUTURE WHITE - H5000, HI-FI SUTURE WHITE NONSTERILE - H5010, HI-FI WHITE W/BLUE NONSTERILE - H5020, HI-FI SUTURE 2 CLR WH&WH W/BL - H5100
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