Cepheid GeneXpert Systems

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Class C IVD
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GeneXpert Systems
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Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], [System or Procedure Pack], Device with Measuring Function; System; Models: GeneXpert - GXI-1-L, GeneXpert - GXI-1-D, GeneXpert - GXII-1-L, GeneXpert - GXII-1-D, GeneXpert - GXII-2-L, GeneXpert - GXII-2-D, GeneXpert - GXIV-1-L, GeneXpert - GXIV-1-D, GeneXpert - GXIV-2-L, GeneXpert - GXIV-2-D, GeneXpert - GXIV-3-L, GeneXpert - GXIV-3-D, GeneXpert - GXIV-4-L, GeneXpert - GXIV-4-D, GeneXpert - GXXVI-4-L, GeneXpert - GXXVI-4-D, GeneXpert - GXXVI-8-L, GeneXpert - GXXVI-8-D, GeneXpert - GXXVI-12-L, GeneXpert - GXXVI-12-D, GeneXpert - GXXVI-16-L, GeneXpert - GXXVI-16-D, GeneXpert - INFINITY48-16, GeneXpert - INFINITY48-24, GeneXpert - INFINITY48-32, GeneXpert - INFINITY48-40, GeneXpert - INFINITY48-48, GeneXpert - GXSINGLEADD, GeneXpert - GXXVI4ADD, GeneXpert - GXXVI8ADD, GX-XVI-8 to GX-XVI-12 - GXXVI12ADD, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-16, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-24, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-32, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-40, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-48, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-56, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-64, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-72, GeneXpert Infinity-80  - INFINITY80-80, GeneXpert Software 4.7b - GeneXpert Software 4.7b, Xpertise Software 6.2a - Xpertise Software 6.2a, GeneXpert Software Version 4.8 - GeneXpert Software Version 4.8, Xpertise Software 6.4b - Xpertise Software 6.4b, Xpertise Software 6.5 - Xpertise Software 6.5, GeneXpert Diagnostic Software - version 4.4a, GeneXpert I Laptop ToughBook System  - GXI-N3-6, GeneXpert IV-1 Site Desktop System  - GXIV-1N1-6, GeneXpert IV-1 Site Laptop System  - GXIV-1N3-6, GeneXpert IV-2 Site Desktop System  - GXIV-2N1-6, GeneXpert IV-2 Site Laptop System  - GXIV-2N3-6, GeneXpert IV-4 Site Desktop System  - GXIV-4N1-6, GeneXpert IV-4 Site Laptop System  - GXIV-4N3-6, GeneXpert XVI-4 Site Desktop System  - GXXVI-4N1-6, GeneXpert XVI-4 Site Laptop System  - GXXVI-4N3-6, GeneXpert XVI-8 Site Desktop System  - GXXVI-8N1-6, GeneXpert XVI-8 Site Laptop System  - GXXVI-8N3-6, GeneXpert XVI-16 Site Desktop System  - GXXVI-16N1-6, GeneXpert XVI-16 Site Laptop System  - GXXVI-16N3-6, GeneXpert XVI-12 Site Desktop System  - GXXVI-12N1-6, GeneXpert XVI-12 Site Laptop System  - GXXVI-12N3-6, GeneXpert 80 site - INFINITY80
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