Canon Xario 100 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The Diagnostic Ultrasound System Xario 100 Model TUS-X100S is indicated for the visualization of structures, and dynamic processes with the human body using ultrasound and to provide image information for diagnosis in the following clinical applications: fetal, abdominal, intra-operative (abdominal), laparoscopic, pediatric, small organ, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, musculo-skeletal (conventional), musculo-skeletal (superficial), cardiac adult, cardiac pediatric, transesoph. (cardiac), peripheral vessel, and thoracic/pleural.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], System or Procedure Pack; Models: TRANSDUCER - PSU25BT, TRANSDUCER - PSU-30BT, TRANSDUCER - PSU50BT, TRANSDUCER - PVU-375BT, TRANSDUCER - PVU-382BT, TRANSDUCER - PVU-674BT, TRANSDUCER - PVU-674MV, TRANSDUCER - PVU-712BT, TRANSDUCER - PVU-770ST, TRANSDUCER - PVU-781VT, TRANSDUCER - PLU-704BT, TRANSDUCER - PLU-1005BT, TRANSDUCER - PLU-1204BT, TRANSDUCER - PC-20M, TRANSDUCER - PC-50M, SONO COUPLER - UACK-003A, BIOPSY ADAPTER - UAGV-027A, BIOPSY ADAPTER - UAGV-028A, BIOPSY ADAPTER - UAGV-035A, BIOPSY ADAPTER - UAGV-036A, Water Bag - UAWB-021A, Water Bag - UAWB-022A, UPGRADE KIT - USUG-X100A, Isolation Transformer for Peripheral Unit - UETR-X200A, CW Unit - UICW-X200A, 4D Unit - UIMV-X200A, Reference Signal Unit - UJUR-X200A, Basket Kit - UZBK-X200A, LCD Flexible Arm - UZFA-X200A, Footswitch - UZFS-X200A, Gel Warmer - UZGW-007A, Transducer Cable Hanger Kit - UZMK-X200A, Transducer Holder - UZPH-X200A, Mounting Kit for Peripheral Unit - UZRI-X200A, Mounting Kit for Peripheral Unit - UZRI-X201A, Mounting Kit for Peripheral Unit - UZRI-X202A, Mounting Kit for Peripheral Unit - UZRI-X203A, Mounting Kit for Peripheral Unit - UZRI-X204A, Panel Spacer Kit - UZUP-X200A, Dynamic Flow kit - USDF-X200A, DICOM kit - USDI-X200A, Differential THI kit - USDT-X200A, Elastography-FLR kit - USEL-X200A, Precision Imaging - USPI-X100A, Aplipure Plus - USPP-X100A, Panoramic View kit - USPV-X200A, FLEX-M kit - USXM-X200A, Transducer Adaptor - UITC-X200A, Auto NT kit - USAN-X200A, Security Management kit - USSM-X200A, TRANSDUCER - PVU-681MVL, TRANSDUCER - PVU-745BTF, TRANSDUCER - PVU-745BTH, TRANSDUCER - PVU-745BTV, TRANSDUCER - PVL-715RS, TRANSDUCER - PET-512MA, TRANSDUCER - PET-512MC, TRANSDUCER - PET-805LA, BIOPSY ADAPTOR - UAGL-001AHA, BIOPSY ADAPTOR - UAGL-002AHA, BIOPSY ADAPTOR - UAGV-029A, BIOPSY ADAPTOR - UAGV-034A, UPGRADE KIT - USUG-X101A, TRANSDUCER - PSU-70BT, TRANSDUCER - PVU-350BTP, TRANSDUCER - PVU-781VTE, Smart 3D kit - USFR-X200A, UPGRADE KIT - USUG-X102A, Migration kit - USMG-X100S, Xario100 - TUS-X100, Xario100 - TUS-X100S, UPGRADE KIT - UIUG-X103A, UPGRADE KIT - UIUG-X103PT, TRANSDUCER HOLDER - UZPH-X201A, TRANSDUCER - PLU-308BTP, TRANSDUCER - PET-512MD, LUMINANCE KIT - USLM-X200A, UPGRADE KIT - USUG-X105A, Tissue Specific Optimization kit - USSO-X200A, Mounting kit for UPS unit - UZUI-X201A, TRANSDUCER - PLU-1202BT, Toshiba Model UPGRADE KIT - USUG-X108A
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