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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
The Vantage Elan 1.5-T system is indicated for use as a diagnostic imaging modality that produces cross-sectional transaxial, coronal, sagittal, and oblique images that display anatomic structures of the head or body. Additionally, this system is capable of non-contrast enhanced imaging, such as MRA.
Product summary:
Models: Main system - MEXL-1520/S1, Gantry - MGAG-1535/S1,  Main cabinet - MAIN-1500/S1, System Cables - MZCB-1520/S1, Patient Couch - MBPT-1511/S1, Accessories - MAAC-1520/S1, Magnet - MAGS-1502 /S2,  Gantry - MGAG-1534/S1, Name plate (G1) - 4M49-06827, Name plate (G2) - 4M49-06828, Cooling cabinet (G1) - MCLC-1500/S1, Cooling cabinet (G2) - MCLC-1500/S2, Wireless Cardiac Gating System - MKSU-ECGU10/S1, Wireless Peripheral Pulse and Respiratory Gating Package - MKSU-PRGK06/S1, GANTRY LCD MONITOR - MKSU-LCDK03/S1, PATIENT PADS FOR HEAD AND NECK - MBPP-1501/S1, PATIENT PADS FOR SPINE AND EXTREMITIES - MBPP-1503/S1, FOOT SWITCH UNIT - MKFS-002A/S2, Additional patient CAMERA package - MMPM-GP3001/S1, COIL HOLDER FOR TMJ IMAGING - MJCA-147A/S2, Flex Breast SPEEDER - MJCA-177A/S1, mNeuro Package - MSSW-NEURO2/S1, mBody Package - MSSW-BODY3/S1, mBreast Package - MSSW-BRST3/S1, mVascular Package - MSSW-VASCU/S1, mCardiac Package - MSSW-CFA3/S1, mOrtho Package - MSSW-ORTHO/S1, Contrast Free MRA Application - MSSW-CFMRA3/S1, DTI Application - MSSW-DTI2/S1, Multi Voxel MRS Application - MSSW-MRSM2/S1, Single Voxel MRS Application - MSSW-MRSS2/S1, DICOM Storage Commitment kit - MSSW-DCCOU1/C1, DICOM MPPS SCU kit - MSSW-DCPPU1/C1, DICOM Q/R SCP kit - MSSW-DCQRP1/C1, DICOM Q/R SCU kit - MSSW-DCQRU1/C1, Cardiac Analysis Application - MSSW-CAAS2/S1, DTT Application - MSSW-DTT/S1, CardioLine Application - MSSW-LOCCA/S1, NeuroLine Application - MSSW-LOCNU/S1, SpineLine Application - MSSW-LOCSP/S1, Octave SPEEDER Head - MJAH-167A/S1, Octave SPEEDER Spine - MJAS-167A/S1, Atlas SPEEDER Body - MJAB-167A/P1, 4ch Flex SPEEDER - MJAJ-197A/J1, Shoulder SPEEDER - MJAJ-177A/S1, Wrist SPEEDER - MJAJ-167B/J1, Phi 100 Flex coil - MJLC-107H/S1, Phi 150 Flex coil - MJLC-157H/S1, Patient Adaptable Tilting Device - MJCA-237A/S1, Breast SPEEDER(4ch Package) - MJAM-127A/S2, Vantage ELAN - MRT-2020, System software - MSSW-MP31C/S1, Receiving Circuit Extension - MKPA-1507/S1, Software Upgrade Package for Vantage Elan (V3.1) - MZKT-MP1516/S3, 16ch Flex SPEEDER Medium - MJAJ-217A/S1, 16ch Flex SPEEDER Large - MJAJ-227A/S1, 16ch Flex SPEEDER Pat kit - MJCA-207A/S1, Breast SPEEDER CX - MJAM-147A/S1, Shoulder/Knee SPEEDER Package - MJCG-287A/S1, Pianissimo Zen Hardware Package - MZKT-RUK01/S1, Pianissimo Zen Hardware Package - MZKT-RUK03/S1, MSK SPEEDER Package - MJCG-307A, System Software - MSSW-MP40C/S1, Software Upgrade Package(V4.0) - MZKT-MP1521/S3
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