Canon CXDI CsI Wireless Digital Radiography Detector

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Canon Inc.
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
This device provides digital X-ray imaging for diagnosis of disease, injury, or any applicable health problem. The image is obtained as the result of imaging X-rays passed through the human body with an X-ray flat panel detector and importing a digital signal output from the detector into the image processor.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], [System or Procedure Pack], DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-401C Wireless, CXDI-701C Wireless and CXDI-801C Wireless provides digital X-ray imaging for diagnosis of disease, injury, or any applicable health problem.; Models: X-ray I/F Unit - XB-1A, Battery Pack - LB-1A, Battery Charger - BC-1A, CXDI Control Software - NE, Wiring Unit - WU-3A, Ready Indicator - RI-3A, PC connecting cable - CP-3A, Grid frame - GF-70, Grid frame - GF-80, Battery Pack - LB-4A, CXDI-Multi Box - MB-4A, CXDI-Docking Station - DS-4A, Wiring cable - WC-4A, Status indicator - SI-4A, PC connecting cable - CP-4A, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-401C Wireless - CXDI-401C Wireless, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-701C Wireless - CXDI-701C Wireless, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-810C Wireless - CXDI-810C Wireless, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-710C Wireless - CXDI-710C Wireless, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-410C Wireless - CXDI-410C Wireless, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-801C Wireless - CXDI-801C Wireless, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-702C Wireless - AR-C3543W, DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY CXDI-402C Wireless - AR-C4343W
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