CANON Aquilion Lightning Model : TSX-035A

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class C medical device
Manufactured by:
Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Therapeutic area:
Radiology / Imaging
Therapeutic indications:
This device is indicated to acquire and display cross-sectional volumes of the whole body, to include the head. The Aquilion Lightning has the capability to provide volume sets. These volume sets can be used to perform specialized studies, using indicated software/hardware, by a trained and qualified physician.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], Device with Measuring Function; Models: CANON SCANNER Aquilion Lightning - TSX-035A, Gantry - CGGT-034A, X-ray tube assemble - CXB-500B, H.F.G. - CXXG-015A, Detector/DAS - CDAS-037A, Patient couch - CBTB-032A, Patient couch - CBTB-032B, Patient couch - CBTB-033A, Patient couch - CBTB-033B, Console - CKCN-013C, Power distributor - CETF-013A, Display system for dental application - CDP-07A, Fly through - CFT-03A, Orbital synchronized scan system - CKOS-001A, Cerebral blood flow analysis system - CSCP-002A, SURE Cardio scoring - CSCS-001A, Lung volume analysis - CSLV-001A, Fat index view - CSFM-001A, Vessel view - CVV-001A, Colon view - CSCV-001A, DICOM Storage SCP - COT-30D, DICOM MWM - COT-32D, DICOM Modality performed procedure step SCU - COT-33D, DICOM Query/Retrieve SCP system - COT-34D, DICOM Query/Retrieve SCP system - COT-35D, DICOM Storage commitment SCU - COT-41D, DICOM PGP Profile option - COT-44A, DICOM Fast transfer - COT-45A, Color printer interface - CCP-03A, Injector synchronization system - CKIS-003A, Injector synchronization system - CKIS-004A, Injector synchronization system - CKIS-005A, coneXact Reconstruction kit - CSDS-003A, ECG-Gating system - CHEG-004D, CT Fluoroscopy - TSXF-003I, Diagnostic image display unit - CMM-004B, Arm down holder - CAAH010A, Arm down holder - CAAH012A, Arm up holder - CAAH-014A, Body band - CABB-008A, Body band - CABB-008B, Body band - CABB-008C, Body band - CABB-008D, Body mat - CABM-031A, Foot rest - CAEX-008A, Foot rest mat - CAFM-001B, Foot rest mat - CAFM-003A, Triangular mat - CAFM-002A, Head mat - CAHM-003A, Cerebral angiography head holder - CAHR-026A, Handle - CTA-AHC, Head strap - CAHB-003A, Chin strap - CAHB-002A, Side mat - CTA-HMC, Coronal head rest - CTA-HRJ, Head rest for infant - CTA-HRN, Head positioner - CTA-HRP, Baby holder for scanning of infant - CTA-TMB, Additional connection kit for rawdata storage system - COT-52D, UPS connection kit - CEUC-001B, vHP - CHVH-001A, Couch footswitches - CAFS-007A, Couch footswitches - CAFS-008A, Multi language kit - CKKB-006A, Fast scan kit - CGS-61A, SURE Subtraction ortho - CSSO-001A, SURE Subtraction lung - CSSL-001A, SURE Subtraction scan system - CHSS-001A, 4D airways analysis - CSAA-001A, Patient couch replacement kit - CBBU-013A, Patient couch replacement kit - CBBU-018A, Patient couch replacement kit - CBBU-013B, Patient couch replacement kit - CBBU-018B, Fast scan kit - CGS-67A, Plaque view - CSPV-002A, Cardiac function analysis Software (CFA) - CSCF-002A, ECG-gated scan System - CHEG-004B, Protocol management - CSPM-001A, Flat couch top kit - CAFT-021A, Flat couch top kit - CAFT-022A, 50kW power-up kit - CXGS-016A, Table top stroke shortening kit - CBZH-010A, Table top stroke shortening kit - CBZH-011A, Regional cerebral blood-flow analysis system - CBF-27A, Stereotactics - CAU-13A, Flat board - CABM021A
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