Cane Crono ambulatory infusion pump

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Available from:
Equip Medical Pte Ltd
Class C medical device
Manufactured by:
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
The Crono ambulatory infusion pump devices have been designed for use in subcutaneous infusion of prescribed liquid medicines. S-PID, S-PID 30, S-PID 50 and Super PID are also designed for subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], iv) Syringes are EO sterilized. Y-set is EO sterilized. MiniSpike is EO sterilized.; Models: Crono - KCRONO, Crono 30 - KCRONO30, Pump Holder Case - VAL/01, Elastic Belt - CM/01, Support Cord - CM/03, Fabric Case - CM/02, Two batteries - CR/123A, Accessory battery compartment door opener - CA/02, CRN Crono Syringe, 10 ml - CRN Crono Syringe 10ml, CRN Crono Syringe Luer Lock, 10 ml - 00261262B12, 20 ml CRN Crono Syringe - CRN Crono Syringe 20ml, CRN Crono Syringe Luer Lock, 20 ml - 00261272B12, 30 ml CRN Crono Syringe - CRN Crono Syringe 30ml, CRN Crono Syringe Luer Lock, 30 ml - 00261282B12, CRONO S-PID - CRONO S-PID, CRONO S-PID 30 - CRONO S-PID 30, CRONO S-PID 50 - CRONO S-PID 50, CRONO Super PID - CRONO Super PID, CRN Crono Reservoir 50ml - CRN Crono Reservoir, CRN Crono Reservoir, 50ml - 002612920, MiniSpike-CRN - MiniSpike-CRN, MiniSpike-CRN - 091548/1, Y-Set - Y-SET, Prolunga in PU Ø 0.5x2mm con deviazione a Y - 01012521
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