CAIR LGL Neutraclear

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Available from:
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Cair LGL
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
NeutraClear is a bidirectional valve allowing injections to be given or samples taken via an intravenous line; or samples taken via arterial line. It seals and protects the line when it is not activated. This set may be used with power injector procedures to a maximum pressure of 325 psi at a flow rate of 10ml per second.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], Cair LGL Neutraclear is sterilised by ethylene oxide sterilisation process, validated and controlled in accordance with the requirements of NF EN ISO 11135-1 standard. The device is sterile, and for single-use.; Models: Neutraclear SPIDER 2 WAYS EXTESION LINE 10cm D: 2.5mm + 2 NEUTRACLEAR - PY2301NCM, Neutraclear (TRANSPARENT AND NEUTRAL BIDIRECTIONAL VALVE) - EL200, Neutraclear BIDIRECTIONAL VALVE WITH PROTECTIVE CAP - EL201, Nutraclear BIDIRECTIONAL VALVE WITH PROTECTIVE CAP-RED RING - EL201R, Neutraclear 4cm PE/PVC EXTENSION TUBING MOBILE RING + 1 NEUTRACLEARTM, Ø 1 mm + 1 CLAMP. - PB11004NCM, Neutraclear 8cm PE/PVC EXTENSION TUBING WITH 1 NEUTRACLEARTM, Ø 1 mm + CLAMP + MOBILE RING - PB11008NCM, Neutraclear 13,5cm PE/PVC EXTENSION TUBING WITH 1 NEUTRACLEARTM + 1 CLAMP + 1 MOBILE RING - PB1201NCM, Neutraclear TWO WAYS IV EXTENSION SET WITH ONE NEUTRACLEARTM AND MOBILE RING - PY11006NCM, Neutraclear SPIDER DOUBLE LUMEN + 2 NEUTRACLEARTM + CLAMPS. - PY2101NCM, Neutraclear SPIDER TRIPLE LUMEN + 3 NEUTRACLEARTM Ø =1mm - PY3101NCM, Neutraclear SPIDER TRIPLE LUMEN + 3 NEUTRACLEARTM + CLAMP Ø =2.5mm - PY3301NCM, Neutraclear PE/PVC EXTENSION LINE + 3WAY STOPCOCK + 2 NEUTRACLEARTML=13,5cm - PE2301NCM, Neutraclear FLOWRATE CONTROLLER LATEX FREE - DF105, Neutraclear INFUSION SET WITH DOSICAIR AND NEUTRACLEARTM - DF306, Neutraclear 3 STOPCOCKS MANIFOLD + 4 NEUTRACLEARTM AND 1 MALE PORT - RM3000NC, Neutraclear 3 WAY STOPCOCK WITH 2 NEUTRACLEAR. - RO302NCM, Neutraclear 3 WAY STOPCOCK WITH 1 NEUTRACLEARTMe - RO301NCM
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