Boston Scientific Precision Spectra™ Implantable Pulse Generator Kit

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class D medical device
Manufactured by:
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
Therapeutic area:
Therapeutic indications:
The Precision Spectra™ Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) system is intended to treat chronic pain by electrically stimulating the spinal cord.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Sterile Medical Device], Implantable Pulse Generator; Models: Model SC-1132 Precision Spectra Implantable Pulse Generator Kit - M365SC11320, Model SC-5132 Precision Spectra™ External Trial Stimulator - M365SC51320, Model SC-6500-32A Precision Spectra™ Patient Trial Kit - M365SC6500320, Model SC-4100A O.R. Cable and Extension - M365SC44010, Model SC-4108 O.R.Cable 2x8,61 cm and Extension - M365SC41080, Model SC-4116 O.R.Cable 1x16,61cm and Extension - M365SC41160, Model SC-4100A O.R Cable and Extension - M365SC4100A0, Model SC-6412-3 Precision™ Charging System Kit - M365SC641230, Model SC-5312 Precision™ charger - M365SC53120, Model SC-5305 Precsion™ Base Station - M365SC53050, Model SC-6305 Precsion™ Power Supply & Adapter for Charger - M365SC63050, Model SC-6350 Precision™ Adhesive Kit - M365S63500, Model SC-6357 Precision® Charging Belt - M365SC63570, Model SC-6358-0BK harger Belt, Size S, Black - M365SC63580BK0, Model SC-6358-9BK Charger Belt Loops Replacement, Black - M365SC63589BK0, Model SC-6358-1BK Charger Belt, Size M, Black - M365SC63581BK0, Model SC-6358-5BK Charger Belt Extension, Black - M365SC63585BK0, Model NM-6358-SP Charger Spacer - M365NM6358SP0, Model SC-6360-32 Precision Spectra™ Patient Trial Belt - M365SC6360320, Model SC-5232 Precision Spectra™ Remote Control - M365SC52320, Model SC-5532-1A Precsion Spectra™ Remote Control Kit - M365SC553210, Model NM-6210 Remote Control Holster - M365NM62100, Model NM-6210 USB Power Supply Remote Control (U.S) - M365NM63100, Model NM-6315 USB Power Supply Remote Control, Universal - M365NM63150, Model NM-6215-BLK Remote Control Silicone Case-Black - M365NM6215BLK0, Model NM-6215-WHT Remote Control Silicone Case-White - M365NM6215WHT0, Model NM-6215-BL1 Remote Control Silicone Case- Light Blue - M365NM6215BL10, Model NM-6215-BL2 Remote Control Silicone Case- Royal Blue - M365NM6215BL20, Model NM-6215-RED Remote Control Silicone Case-Red - M365NM6215RED0, Model NM-6215-PNK Remote Control Silicone Case-Pink - M365NM6215PNK0, Model NM-6215-ORG Remote Control Silicone Case-Orange - M365NM6215ORG0, Model NM-6215-LAV Remote Control Silicone Case-Lavender - M365NM6215LAV0, Model NM-6215-BRNRemote Control Silicone Case - Brown - M365NM6215BRN0, Model NM-6215-GLW Remote Control Silicone Case -Glow - M365NM6215GLW0, Model NM-6215-GRN Remote Control Silicone Case -Green - M365NM6215GRN0, Model NM-6215-YEL Remote Control Silicone Case -Yellow - M365NM6215YEL0
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