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Active ingredient:
Phenylephrine hydrochloride 0.12% w/v; Prednisolone acetate 0.2% w/v; Sulfacetamide sodium monohydrate 10% w/v
Available from:
Allergan New Zealand Ltd
INN (International Name):
Phenylephrine hydrochloride 0.12% w/v
Pharmaceutical form:
Eye drops, solution
Active: Phenylephrine hydrochloride 0.12% w/v Prednisolone acetate 0.2% w/v Sulfacetamide sodium monohydrate 10% w/v Excipient: Dibasic sodium phosphate dodecahydrate Hydrochloric acid Monobasic sodium phosphate dihydrate Phenazone Phenylmercuric nitrate Polysorbate 80 Polyvinyl alcohol Purified water Sodium edetate Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate
Units in package:
Bottle, dropper, 5 mL
Prescription type:
Manufactured by:
Henley Company
Product summary:
Package - Contents - Shelf Life: Bottle, dropper, - 5 mL - 12 months from date of manufacture stored at or below 25°C 4 weeks opened stored at or below 25°C
Authorization number:
Authorization date:

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