Bistos Ultrasound Fetal Doppler System

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Walen Tec Asia Pte Ltd
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Bistos Co., Ltd.
Therapeutic area:
General Hospital
Therapeutic indications:
Bistos Fetal Doppler measures the fetal heart rate and projects the fetal heart’s sound through a built -in speaker. Measuring the fetal heart rate(FHR) gives an indication of the fetal’s well-being. This data is intended to aid in assessing the well-being of the fetus (Non-Stress Test). This device is for use only by trained medical personnel located in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[Device with measuring function], Bistos Fetal Doppler measures the fetal heart rate.; Models: Ultrasound Doppler System - BT200, Ultrasound Doppler System - BT220C, Ultrasound Doppler System - BT220L
Authorization number:
Authorization date:

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