BISCO Dental restorative repair materials

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Raydent Supplies (S) Pte Ltd
Class B medical device
Manufactured by:
Bisco Inc
Therapeutic area:
Therapeutic indications:
A substance intended to fill dental cavities, seal pits and fissures, restore damaged dental tissues, or for inlays, onlays and veneering. It may include accessories that are used specifically with the materials. It does not include obturation of root canal
Product summary:
Models: LIGHT-CORE - A-1725P, LIGHT-CORE - A-1727P, LIGHT-CORE - A-1728P, LIGHT-CORE - A-1729P, LIGHT-CORE - A-1750B, LIGHT-CORE - G-91730K, OPAQUER - B-2112Q, OPAQUER - B-2122Q, BISFIL 2B - A-12710P, BISFIL 2B - A-12810P, BISFIL 2B - A-1254P, BISFIL 2B - A-1264K, AElite Aesthetic Incisal - H-852CLP, AElite Aesthetic Incisal - H-852FRP, AElite Aesthetic Incisal - H-852LGP, AElite Aesthetic Incisal - H-854CLP, AElite Aesthetic Incisal - H-854FRP, AElite Aesthetic Incisal - H-854LGP, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-803A2PS, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-804A2PS, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812A1P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812A1OP, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812A2P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812A3P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812A35P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812A35OP, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812B1P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812C2P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-812D3P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-81210K, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814A1P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814A1OP, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814A2P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814A3P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814A35P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814A35OP, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814B1P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814C2P, Aelite All-Purpose Body - H-814D3P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721A1P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721A2P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721A3P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721A35P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721B1P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721C2P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721C4P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-721D3P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722A1P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722A2P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722A3P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722A35P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722B1P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722C2P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722C4P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722D3P, Aelite LS Posterior - H-722PS1, Aelite LS Posterior - H-72010K, Aelite LS Posterior - H-72020K, Aelite LS Posterior - H-72110K, Aelite LS Posterior - H-83240K, Aelite Anterior - H-85240K, Biscover LV - G-93353P, Biscover LV - G-9335P, Fortify - G-9300F, Fortify - G-9301F, Characterization Stain - T-14012P, Characterization Stain - T-14014P, Characterization Stain - T-14015P, Characterization Stain - T-14016P, Characterization Stain - T-14017P, Characterization Stain - T-14018P, Characterization Stain - T-14019P, Characterization Stain - T-14021P, Characterization Stain - T-15003P, Characterization Stain - T-15004P, Characterization Stain - T-15006P, Characterization Stain - T-15007P, Characterization Stain - T-15008P, Characterization Stain - T-15009P, Characterization Stain - T-15010P, Reveal - C-461A12P, Reveal - C-461A22P, Reveal - C-462BL2P
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